I hope everything is going well for you and that you enjoyed Nancy Bleeke’s IES program last week. Nancy took some time last week to meet with the team at Vorsight (pictured above) the day before her Friday morning presentation. Our speakers frequently meet with IES members the day before their programs. If this interests you before an upcoming program, please let Fred Diamond know.

March 17 Program Rescheduled for June 17: Our March 17 program with Kyla O’Connell, “Develop Your Competitive Advantage as a High-Performing Sales Professional,” has been postponed until June 17. You can register for the program today. It will be a good one.

Bill Cates Comes Back to the IES Stage on April 15: One of the highest rated IES speakers ever, The Referral Coach Bill Cates, makes a triumphant return to the IES stage on April 15. His topic this time will be “Win More Business with an Authentic Value Proposition™.” This is a sales program that will also appeal to CEOs, marketing leaders, and other. Register now here.

2016 Speaker Program Announced: The 2016 Program Year is complete!  We’re bringing Neil Rackham, author of Spin Selling back to the IES Big Stage. Neil is one of the creators of the consultative sale. You don’t want to miss this program! We have a strong list of speakers including Bill Cates, Kyla O’Donnell, Maribeth Kuzmeski, Lee Salz, and Alan Gregerman. Go to the 2016 Program Page for the complete list of speakers.

New Promo Codes for Members: Wanted to let you know that we’ll be changing your promotional code to your first and last name in the next two weeks. The member promotional code will be going away. We’ll let you know when we make the change.

Use the MemberFriend Code for $20 Off!: Remember that your guests can receive $20 off to attend any monthly IES program. Just have them use the code memberfriend when registering.

Member Referrals: Members always ask how they can invite their friends or colleagues to become members of the IES. Members can always give out the promo code memberfriend to colleagues, associates, or co-workers to save $20 for any program. Also, whenever someone you refer to the IES becomes an Achiever or Elite member, we’ll send you a check for $100 right away. We love to send out those checks. Just sent an email us with the name of your referral and once they sign up, we’ll send the check right out.

Join the IES Membership Committee: One of our commitments for 2016 was to create many new opportunities for members to get involved with IES membership and programs. Many members have been looking for ways to get involved and ways to grow their business opportunities. Our new Membership Committee is a great place to do so. If you’d like to get involved with Membership programs, contact Philip Martin today.

New Member Model Launched: We’re excited to announce new membership levels with additional features and benefits for sales professionals. The pricing for the new levels ranges from $199/year to $979/year. New membership features include participation in the mentor/protégé program, webinars with IES speakers, and access to richer sales leadership content. View the Membership section for details.

View Past IES Speakers: As a reminder, most of the past IES programs can be found on the Wistia site. You can watch past IES speakers at your convenience. Check out recent programs such as Umar Hameed, Jan Fox, Kendra Lee, as well as classics from Bill Cates, Jill Konrath, and Tom Snyder. If you need help accessing the site, contact gvelez@i4esbd.org.

Best wishes for a profitable 2016!