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IES Premier Women in Sales Employer

INDUSTRY REPORT: Best Practices for Attracting, Retaining and Elevating Women and Underrepresented Communities in Sales

About this Report

Companies are always challenged with attracting, retaining, and elevating top-tier women and underrepresented communities in sales. Even with less-favorable global economic factors, top talent at all levels will always have the upper hand in determining where they will choose to sell.

Implementing a culture of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) is important in demonstrating to candidates that their employer is committed to being a caring and customer-centric employer.

Women in sales professionals have proven that when the opportunities presented themselves, they would much rather work at a company that demonstrates leadership in serving them.

In this report, we document what some of the top employers for women and underrepresented communities in sales are doing to better serve their sales professionals and, in turn, their customers.

To address these industry-wide challenges, the IES created the Premier Women in Sales Employer (PWISE) designation to identify best practices the top employers for women in sales have implemented. The IES has held intensive roundtables with key leaders at these companies and conducted research and studies with the top employers to document and communicate what they are doing right – and where gaps can be filled.

This report is the result of those insights. If your company is focused on serving these communities, how you do so should be covered in this report!

Report Components

  • Insights from premier Women in Sales Employers Oracle, Cvent, Carahsoft, Datasite, JG Wentworth, Splunk, and Salesforce on the programs they have in place to support women and underrepresented communities.

  • Real-world best practices being implemented at the best employers for women in sales.

  • Insights into how ERGs (employee resource groups) can be best run to deepen employee engagement.

  • What commitment from senior leadership must look like.

  • Recruiting strategies that work to bring a diverse, talented workforce together.

  • What does not work if you want to attract top-tier talent.

  • What women in sales professionals want and expect from their employers right now.

What is it?

This unique report is comprised of best practices from the leading companies for women in sales. Representatives from sales, talent acquisition, Human Resources, and DEIB contributed best practices companies can implement to attract, retain and elevate top-tier women in sales talent.

The representatives came from IES Premier Women in Sales Employers (PWISE). PWISE companies are the cream of the crop for women in sales. They have implemented thoughtful, supportive programs, policies, and procedures designed to attract and retain talent. Retention is a challenge most companies face, however the companies who are part of this report have continually proven to strive for excellence in employment.

The companies who have participated in the best practices identification programs have made elevating the careers of women in sales a priority with programs and policies that enable leadership and career development.  In this report, they discuss elements of their programs including best practices in recruiting, Employee Resource Groups, and corporate commitment to a diverse sales force.

How to be Included

Demonstrate to the world that your company is a great place for women in sales to grow their careers and reach their goals. The “Premier Women in Sales Employer (PWISE)” designation and inclusion in the guide is the definitive way to recognize companies that are exceptional places of employment for top-tier women in sales professionals. The designation and associated guide (pdf, web) helps companies striving to Attract, Motivate, Retain and Elevate Top-Tier Sales Talent. This designation recognizes companies that have made elevating the careers of women in sales a priority with programs and policies that enable leadership and career development. With attracting talent a huge present-day challenge, companies need to show themselves as world-class employers. This designation benefits employers and top-tier job seekers. Show that your company is a Premier Women in Sales Employer by applying today!

PWISE companies will participate in roundtables to determine best practices for corporate women in sales.

How to participate

To be considered as an IES Premier Women in Sales Employer (PWISE) and to receive the badge and be included in the guide and web site, apply here.