IES Premier Sales Employer 2022

Congratulations to the 2022
IES Premier Sales Employers!

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Contact: Michelle Walden
Phone: (571) 378-7110

About the Guide

Companies are challenged with acquiring, motivating, retaining and elevating top-tier sales talent more than ever.

In the Premier Sales Employer guide, the IES recognizes companies that are doing great things to make themselves exceptional.

We’re excited to see sales leaders and companies that are developing a workforce environment to attract, motivate and retain top-tier sales talent.

The costs of losing a high-quality performer can be extreme and the challenges of bringing on new talent are exorbitant.

The pdf version of this guide quarterly and the website updates will be on-going.

If your company is a premier sales employer, apply now. If you’re a sales professional looking for an excellent place to work, consider the companies in the guide.

About the Designation

There is no charge for companies to apply to become an IES Premier Sales Employer. There is no charge to be placed in the guide or to display the badge once a company achieves “IES Premier Sales Employer” status. The IES is uniquely positioned to recognize companies that are exceptional for salespeople to work.

Any company can apply for the IES Premier Sales Employer designation. Once the IES has confirmed that the 10-question application form has been completely  filled out, it will be sent to a 3-person judging committee. The judges will review each of the 10 questions, with the applying company’s name hidden,and score each question 1 to 10. If the score is above 70%, the company will be invited to accept this designation and be included on the web site and in the guide.

The annual pdf guide will be published on November 15. It will be updated quarterly on an on-going basis to recognize new companies that achieve this designation. Designations will be acknowledged for the year. For example, the 2020 designation will start in November 2020 and continue through November 2021. Companies need to reapply each year to maintain Premier Sales Employer status

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JK Moving


Nick Kloos
(703) 260-3030

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Chelsey Pine
(617) 274-7210

Wentworth Group
JG Wentworth


Gary R. Milwit
Office: (301) 347-4462
Cell: (301) 367-2622

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3Pillar Global


Brian Shea
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