About the IES

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Selling professionals must innovate in order to grow and survive. The Institute for Excellence in Sales (IES) was created to grow excellence throughout the Sales operational process to help selling professionals and their organizations maximize their efforts. The IES brings the world’s top thought leaders and sales leaders together to help them grow their sales teams and operations.

The IES serves as a center of actionable best practices, insights, tools, advisory services, thought leadership, and recognition that enable organizations to achieve high performance in Sales.

The IES offers sales leaders the following:

  • Sales thought leader-led workshops in Washington DC and other cities around the US
  • Speaker Bureau featuring the world’s top sales speakers
  • Sales Services such as sales training, assessment and coaching
  • Sales Leadership Forum for sales executives
  • Women in Sales programming
  • Lead Share and BD Groups
  • Sales products
It was an great honor for TriNet to win an IES Award. It proved that sales force training and readiness is a major commitment for the company."
Doug Bailey, TriNet
I’ve developed new and revenue-generating partnerships with sales leaders I’ve met at the IES.
Ryan Toni, AHT Insurance
Vorsight fell in love with the mission of the IES from its inception. It’s been a great place for us to send our sales reps each month to meet new prospects and learn more about their profession from world-class sales thought leaders. Making time for it is a priority.”.
Steve Richard, Vorsight

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