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“The need to understand what your star-performing reps are doing to set themselves apart from their core-performing colleagues has never been more urgent. The world of sales has changed.”—”The Challenger Sale”.

Change is good. But even when change is good, it involves pain. Top organizations and salespeople understand the importance of differentiation, and work hard to establish and maintain it against their fierce competitors. Competing today against the backdrop of economic challenges, rapidly expanding technology and increased customer knowledge, only makes maintaining a competitive advantage more challenging.

High-performing sales professionals are striving for ways to differentiate themselves to provide more value to their clients and grow their careers. It seems that every sale these days requires you to be fiercer, smarter, and more relevant.

In this session you will take away three key tactics that will increase your advantage over other salespeople, and help any premier performing salesperson stay on top.

  1. Tactic #1: Understand and Operate at the Highest Levels of EQ
  2. Tactic #2: Understand and Execute the Three Key Techniques to being a Perfect Listener
  3. Tactic #3: Develop and Articulate Strong Messaging through Ghosting Discriminators


Kyla is passionate about building trust with customers, so they can build trust with their customers. Building customized sales training solutions for every client partner is her number one goal every day. Those solutions are based on value, including sales aptitude assessments, customized sales training, sales management coaching and sales process improvement consulting. She is only successful when her customers are successful, so that makes her not just simply their sales trainer, but a member of their team.

After a successful career in sales in competitive markets, Kyla founded Driven Sales and Marketing, Inc. in 2003. In 2007, she merged the company with ASHER, where she remains a senior consultant and partner today. She is a certified ASHER Sales Trainer, and Speaker at Vistage Worldwide.