Teresa Carlson

Clara Conti, GM for Government Solutions at Presidio is a results-driven CEO and Senior Global Management Executive.  A dynamic hands-on, take-charge change agent, with a long track record of striking success whether propelling entrepreneurial startups, turning around mid-size companies, or managing 200+employees with operating budgets over $60 million at major global corporations.

Clara has an unwavering focus on growth, sustainability and market leadership.  Her expertise and critical contributions include strategic planning and execution, sales strategy and pipeline development, executive leadership coaching and mentoring, operational and financial risk management, and managing large organizations.

A genuine sales leader, Clara believes that authentic leaders are all about building relationships and cultivating connectedness, and her role as a leader is to help develop an environment where those things can happen naturally.  In her words, “If leaders are successful in doing those three things their employees should do the same with whomever they work, and a chain reaction should continue from there.”