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29 04, 2015

Colleen Stanley Gives “Three Reasons to Thank Tough Prospects”

April 29th, 2015|Sales|

Colleen Stanley, author of Emotional Intelligence for Sales Success, has spoken at the IES and conducted webinars for our audience. In this blog, originally found here, she lists three important insights on how to thank tough prospects. Three Reasons to Thank Tough Prospects At some point, all of us have walked out of an appointment [...]

24 04, 2015

Rob Jolles Blogs about Mastering the Communication Shot Clock

April 24th, 2015|Sales|

Rob Jolles has spoken at the IES three times over the years. Each time he speaks, he nails it. Audiences love Rob and I think a key reason is that he understands how to perfectly time his presentations. In this blog, originally found on his site on May 15, 2015, Rob speaks about how to [...]

1 04, 2015

Collaborative Selling for Big Rewards

April 1st, 2015|Program|

Tim Sullivan: Collaborative Selling for Big Rewards The IES&BD is thrilled to bring “The Collaborative Sale” author Tim Sullivan to the DC region on April 17. The digital world has changed how buyers buy in fundamental ways. It is now common wisdom that sales teams must align their behavior to the evolving buying model, in [...]

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