The Spring / Summer 2024 WISL Forum starts on June 7!

Now is the time to invest in yourself and your career, or in the professional development of the high-performing women on your team. We have a powerful line-up of instructors, coaches, and experts who are excited to share their knowledge and experience with Women in Sales leaders from around the globe.

For dates an information, please email Gina Stracuzzi, Forum Program Director at

Giving Women in Sales the Skills & Insights They Need to Lead With Conviction!

  • Learn new skills and harness existing strengths to help propel their sales leadership career to the next level.
  • Develop rich, valuable business networks with other like-minded and ambitious sales leaders.
  • Build a personal, authentic and compelling leadership style that motivates their team and drives growth.
  • Learn how to take on new challenges that bring the visibility needed for continued promotion.

The Spring / Sumer 2024 Women in Sales Leadership Forum starts in June 7!

What People are Saying about WIS Leadership Forum

Shannon Gray, GoCanvas
Erin Moseley, Intel Corporation
Gena Gleason, Intel Corporation
Kristen Wisdorf, memoryBlue
Heather Menster, Deltek
Carlin Haidinger, Learning Tree International

“Intel knows the power of an inclusive, diverse, and exceptionally educated workforce.  We are happy to support the IES Women in Leadership Forum. It provides an environment for exceptional leaders to learn, share, and sharpen their skills for today’s demanding environment.”

Rick Herrmann, Intel Director for US Public Sector Region
Rick Herrmann

Choosing the Right Candidates

Employers should seek out women that:

  • Have been in a management role with direct reports for a minimum of 3-5 years.
  • Are in line for promotion or have recently been promoted.
  • Have expressed interest in having more impact and influence.
  • Are part of your long-term succession planning.
  • Can commit to full participation in Forum.

Program Details

  • Robust virtual community.
  • Team exercises, practice sessions, peer-to-peer learning, coaching opportunities.
  • Practical application of leadership objectives with results reporting and feedback.
  • Program runs from Oct-Dec, virtually.

2024 Program Sessions

Session 1:

Tamara Greenspan, Oracle Group Vice President & General Manager, Federal & Canadian Public Sector, North America presents Using Mentors and Sponsors to Build Influence and Credibility

In this session, Tamara will share her career story and how she got to the top of sales leadership on her own terms. She will also share her hard-learned lessons –the good, the bad, and the ugly, to help you appreciate how to choose the best approach for your situation and help you achieve the results you expect with maximum impact.

Kyla O’Connell

Session 2:

Kyla O’Connell, Founder and Lead Facilitator at WIN WIN – Empathy Driven Sales Training presents Leverage Active EQ Awareness Techniques for Personal Brand Management!

Success in sales leadership requires the skills needed to transfer the knowledge, habits and skills that made you a top performer in sales. Skills such as conducting effective one-on-one coaching sessions, training and coaching skills and running effective group sales meetings. This session will uniquely integrate emotional intelligence skill training with leadership skill training.

Session 3:

Gigi Schumm, SVP World Wide Sales at ThreatQuotient, Inc., presents The Importance of Leading with Courage and Conviction

Gigi will share her leadership stories to help illustrate how harnessing your strengths and professional purpose will help you lead with the courage and conviction you need to be truly successful.

Jan Fox

Session 4:

Amanda Doyle, Certified Professional Coach presents Mastering the Art of Communication for Leading Women in Sales

Leaders are only as good as the messages they deliver to their teams. We’ve all been in lackluster meetings that inspired no one to act. Motivating teams, leading inspiring meetings requires communicating clearly and concisely. Research shows that there is a direct correlation between one’s speaking proficiency and both audience response and their sphere of influence. The same research also proves that to have influence, you must be believable, on-target, likable and daring. In this session, participants will learn how to use the full measure of their voice for maximum effectiveness, not through a major overhaul of their approach, but rather through micro-actions that generate macro impact.

Jill Ulvestad

Session 5:

Queirra Fenderson, Founder and CEO of the Ambition Studio, presents Lead with Decisiveness by Engaging Your Intuition

Intuition is our ability to size up a situation and make quick decisions based on what appears to be pure instinct. This is an important, and often overlooked skill, particularly in high-stress situations. Although women are hard-wired to be more intuitive, we are taught at an early age to trust in the wisdom of others instead of trusting our own instincts. This denying of a fundamental strength often leads to an inner battle of self-doubt. In this session, you will learn to tune into your innate intuitiveness and use it to be an empathetic, connected, and decisive leader.

Gina Stracuzzi

Session 6:

Gina Stracuzzi, CoFounder & IES Women in Sales Leadership Forum What’s Next For You?

Gina Stracuzzi is a leader in the Women in Sales movement. Gina’s career in sales started very early in life when she would “pitch” her parents on important issues like her version of how grandma’s vase ended up on the floor in a million pieces. She would routinely beat out her “competition” (aka as her six siblings) for best story-telling in a dramatic role. Throughout her 20+ years in sales and marketing in the U.S., Europe and emerging economies, Gina has continued to employ those same story-telling skills to help women entrepreneurs and small businesses, navigate the waters between strategic communication and business development to bring about smart growth. She is the host of the Tuesday at noon IES Women in Sales webinar.

Women in Sales participant

Program Dates

  • Session #1: June 7, 2024
  • Session #2: June 21, 2024
  • Session #3: July 12, 2024
  • Session #4: July 26, 2024
  • Session #5: August 9, 2024
  • Session #6: August 23, 2024


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The Forum Gives Current & Emerging Sales Leaders the Tools for Continued Success!

One of the biggest challenges women face on the road to leadership is the opportunity to grow through professional development opportunities that address the issues that can hinder their success, such as a lack of mentorship or less than supportive environments. The Forum gives women the career tools, techniques and strategies to succeed in a no holes-barred, open, honest, and safe environment.

  • Build on their innate talents to take on new challenges.
  • Navigate unexpected twists and turns, rather than be blindsided by them.
  • Develop their unique leadership style that is aligned with their values and goals.
  • Foster a mindset to respond to myriad situations with confidence, consistency and resolve.
  • Create a vision of their leadership and their capacity for career ascension.

The IES is the Right Organization to Deliver the Women in Sales Leadership Forum

  • The Institute for Excellence in Sales (IES) is the premiere organization for the growth and development of top tiered sales professionals.
  • The Women in Sales Leadership Forum is the only noncorporate initiative aimed at advancing women as sales leaders.
  • Forum offers proven techniques for building consistent confidence, managing with authenticity and assertiveness.
  • Challenge participants to capitalize on their most valuable resources: their intuition, personal and professional values, and what inspires and energizes them.
  • Participants will come away with knowledge that will help them become consistent, engaged, practical leaders.

“People become leaders by internalizing a leadership identity and developing a sense of purpose. Internalizing a sense of oneself as a leader is an iterative process. A person asserts leadership by taking purposeful action—such as convening a meeting to revive a dormant project. Others affirm or resist the action, thus encouraging or discouraging subsequent assertions. These interactions inform the person’s sense of self as a leader and communicate how others view his or her fitness for the role.”

Women Rising: The Unseen Barriers. Herminia Ibarra, Robin J. Ely, Deborah M. Kolb, Harvard Business Review. September 2013.

Meet the Members of the IES Women in Sales Advisory Board!