Institute for Excellence in Sales Cofounder releases second book on sales performance improvement today as well

VIENNA, Va. – August 17, 2022 – The Institute of Excellence in Sales (IES), an organization that helps employers attract, retain, motivate and elevate top-tier sales talent, announced that its cofounder, Fred Diamond, published two new books, adding to his extensive contributions in the activism, sales, and leadership arenas.

The new books, “Love, Hope, Lyme” and “Insights for Game Changers” are available on Amazon. They are based on Diamond’s personal experiences learning to understand how the Lyme disease epidemic affects families, and life-lessons learned from producing more than 500 episodes of the award-winning Sales Game Changers podcast. The podcast has featured global sales leaders from many hugely successful companies including Salesforce, Hilton, IBM, Nestle and Oracle.

“While the topics are widely different, these books were written with a common purpose: to help people improve lives and livelihoods,” said Diamond. “The personal research and completion of each book happened to land at about the same time, so the decision was made to release both concurrently.”

Love, Hope, Lyme: What Family Members, Partners, and Friends Who Love a Chronic Lyme Survivor Need to Know

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), nearly 500,000 people in the United States every year are newly infected by Lyme disease and other tick-borne diseases. While on a personal journey to understand how to be more supportive to someone in his life with the disease, Diamond was shocked to learn just how many people had someone in their lives with Lyme disease and the lack of support resources for family members, partners and friends desperately seeking ways to support a beloved chronic Lyme survivor and help them get their health back.

In his special foreword to the book, esteemed Lyme disease expert Dr. Richard Horowitz wrote, “This book provides a guidepost for those living with loved ones with a chronic illness and explains how we can approach our loved ones with sensitivity, care, compassion and understanding,” he said.

“Fred’s book puts front and center the big issues most Lyme patients will have to deal with, but more importantly, discusses the ephemeral and transcendental virtue of love, and how that ultimately can bring some of the greatest healing. With love, comes hope, and when love and hope are mixed with the right medical knowledge, healing can and does happen.”

Insights for Sales Game Changers: Lessons from the Planets Top Sales Leaders

This book features sales improvement tips and ideas gleaned from over 500 episodes of the award-winning Sales Game Changers Podcast that Diamond has produced featuring successful global sales leaders from leading companies. The Sales Game Changers Podcast has driven more than 1 million interactions since being launched in October 2017.

The book is designed for sales leaders, seasoned sales professionals and anyone new to a sales career. This also includes business owners and entrepreneurs who need to sell. The book has been widely praised in the market from early reviews.

According to Brian Ludwig, SVP of Sales, Cvent, Inc: “Fred and his podcast guests have consistently challenged age-old sales notions. If you are a sales professional hopeful to innovate and change your sales game, then this is a must read!”

Diamond is a well-known leader in the sales performance improvement market having launched the IES in 2012.

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