The IES is thrilled to be a sponsor of the Sales Game Changers podcast featuring interviews with sales leaders across the globe. Hosted by IES Co-Founder Fred Diamond, the podcast covers topics of importance to emerging sales professionals and leaders who want to take their career to the next level. To be interviewed on the podcast, contact IES Fred Diamond. For detailed descriptions of each episode, go to the Sales Game Changers Podcast website.

Here’s the list of guests:

001: Learning Tree Sales Vice President Brian Green Kicks Off Sales Game Changers Podcast!
002: LiveSafe Sales Leader Mark LaFleur Shares Insights into How to be Intellectually Honest in Sales
003: PowertoFly’s Caroline Turner Speaks about How Women Can Achieve More in their Sales Career
004: Will Fuentes Talks about the 40/20 Rule and How it Will Make You a Better Sales Professional
005: Heather Combs Talk Important of Mentoring, Passion, and Hard Work in Sales Achievement
006: Dataprise’s Paul Keefe Talks about How to Treat Your Sales Career as a True Professional to Get Ahead
007: TrackMaven’s Tim Koubek Tells Sales Leaders to Learn, Earn and Return
008: Kevin Carr of Nexus Discusses How to Become a Hugely Successful Sales Professional
009: NVIDIA’s Anthony Robbins Gives Insights into Digital Transformation and the Sales Profession
010: Close Deals Faster Author John Asher Highlights the 6 Closing Principles and other Critical Sales Lessons
011: WTOP’s Jeffrey Wolinsky Discusses Why Presentation is Much More Important in Sales than Documentation
012: Learn How Sales Leader Sarah Lash Grew the Tableau DC Regional Office into a Top 10 Place to Work
013: Payroll Network’s Joe Young Says to Treat Your Sales Career Entrepreneurially for Optimal Success
014: Cintas Sales Star Tory Clark Relates Lessons Learned on the College Basketball Court to Sales Success
015: Mike Schmidtmann Helps Seven-Figure Sales Superstars Achieve Even More Success
016: Learn Mind Changing Sales Strategies from Howard Glancy, the British Answer to Tony Robbins
017: Paul McConville Urges Preparation, Work Ethic and Data Usage to Excel in Sales
018: Ben Mathew of CARTO Says Sales Success is All About Attitude, Aptitude, and Execution
019: Cvent Sales Leader Darrell Gehrt Learned that Simplifying the Message Would Lead Him to Major Sales Gains
020: Kimpton Sales Executive Telesa Via Reveals What Leads to Exceptional Success
021: Sales Enablement Leader Jen Burns Shares Why Understanding the Buyer Journey is Critical to Your Success
022: Gary Milwit Became a Sales Coaching Superstar by Doing What He Said He Was Going to Do
023: Mike Garrison Shares Three Critical Insights on Predictive Referral-Based Sales
024: Alex Treadway Helped Tucker Carlson Sell Daily Caller Ads Without Even a WebSite to Show Prospects!
025: Henry Sienkiewicz, Observations from a Highly-Successful CIO Now Rocking it as a CRO
026: PennWell’s Paul Andrews Says Becoming Your Industry’s Go-To-Expert is Critical for Sales Success