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The IES is thrilled to be a sponsor of the Sales Game Changers podcast featuring interviews with sales leaders across the globe. Hosted by IES Co-Founder Fred Diamond, the podcast covers topics of importance to emerging sales professionals and leaders who want to take their career to the next level. To be interviewed on the podcast, contact IES Fred Diamond. For detailed descriptions of each episode, go to the Sales Game Changers Podcast website.

Here’s the list of past shows:

SPECIAL EPISODE 009, Part Two: Sales Training Expert John Asher Shares How Understanding Neuroscience Techniques Will Improve Your Sales Skills
SPECIAL EPISODE 009, Part One: Sales Training Expert John Asher Shares How Understanding Neuroscience Techniques Will Improve Your Sales Skills
SPECIAL EPISODE 008: Advice, Insights, and Wisdom from Past Episodes with World-Class Women in Sales Leaders Featuring Gigi Schumm
SPECIAL EPISODE 007a: Tableau Sales Leader Ed Beaurain Shares Insights on Optimizing the Sales Data You Should Be Capturing
SPECIAL EPISODE 007: Chaim Ekstein Informs How Sales Professionals Can Escape from their Prison of Comfort and Grow their Sales Prospects Dramatically
SPECIAL EPISODE 006: The Honesty Guy, Steven Gaffney, Shares How Getting the Unsaid Said Will Deepen Your Customer Relations and Help Your Sales Explode
SPECIAL EPISODE 005: Performance Improvement Expert Ramzy Ayachi Shares Three Ways Neuro-Linguistic Programming Will Improve Your Sales Efforts
SPECIAL EPISODE 004: The Reason Why Marketing Automation Disrupter Zeev Wexler Says Sales Professionals Must Know Their Value
SPECIAL EPISODE 003: Amazon Web Services Sales Leader Dave Levy Shares the Critical Reason Why He’s Devoted His Career to Servicing the Federal Government
SPECIAL EPISODE 002: ExecVision’s Steve Richard Tells How to Get More Intelligence from Your Sales Conversations
SPECIAL EPISODE 001: Top Real Estate Sales Leader Keri Shull Is Leading the Real Estate Sales Profession Transformation!
105: DivvyCloud Revenue Chief Chris Hertz Shares How Intellectual Curiosity, Nuance, and this One Rule Will Differentiate You and Your Selling Efforts
104: Red River Federal Sales Head Kush Kumar Says Enjoying the Game and Trusting the Process are Keys to Long-Term Sales Success
103: Earth Networks Sales Leader Jim Anderson Offers Hot Tips to Weather the Storm When Your Enterprise Sales Efforts Go Cold
102: Lookout Federal Sales Exec Bob Stevens Shares How His Competitor at Cisco Became His Mentor and Helped Him Grow as a Leader
101: Reston Limousine CEO, Philanthropist, and Business Leader Kristina Bouweiri Shares the Moment She Knew She Was Born to Be in Sales…and Other Powerful Insights
100: Verizon Public Sector Sales Leader Mike Maiorana Teaches this Key Strategy to Continually Generate a Win-Win with Customers
099: ExecVision Sales Leader Ted Martin Shares the One Thing that Will Improve Your Inside Sales Effectiveness
098: Apptio Sales Leader Nick Bollini Offers Strategies to More Effectively Provide Value to Your Customers and Prospects
097: Former Symantec Sales Leader Randy Cochran Offers Tips on How to Hire for Growth and Consistent Performance
096: Here’s How Hospitality Sales Leader Jen Erney of ALHI Helps Her Member Hotels Sell Experiences…and Plenty of Sleeping Rooms
095: Find Out the Sales Lessons Entrepreneur Jere Simpson Learned that Helped Him Become a Self-Made Millionaire in His 20’s
094: Find Out How VMWare Federal Sales Leader Bill Rowan Answers the Question ‘What Would Bill Ask’ to Take Your Sales Skills Up a Notch
093: How Nearly a Decade as a Professional Baseball Player Prepared Diligent Corporation’s Liam Healy for Sales Leadership Excellence
092: Want to Be a Trusted Sales Professional Who Always Beats the Competition? Sales Innovator Shawn Cook Says You Need to Be “Compellevant”
091: How Do You Grow Sales Revenue When the Trade Show Venue is Full? Consumer Electronics Show Sales Leader Denise Medved Tells How
090: Hear How a Masters in Neurobiology and Growing Up in a Family of Sales Leaders Prepped InfinityQS Sales Exec John Hicks for Success
089: Lotame CRO Eric Marterella Shares How an Early-Career Meeting with Bill Marriott Inspired Him to Become an Innovative Sales Leader
088: DLT Sales Head Chris Dewey Shares How He Went from Making 125 Prospecting Calls a Day to Managing a $650 Million Book of Business
087: Salesforce Public Sector Sales Chief Dave Rey Shares Why Patience, Persistence, and Passion are the Cornerstones of his Successful Career
086: Lessons Learned at the Marines and California Highway Patrol Built Kim Harrington into a Sales Leader with a Bent Towards Community Service
085: Christine Barger Tells How Being a Collegiate Lacrosse Champion Helped Her Exceed Her Billion Dollar Sales Goals at Microsoft
084: Viyas Sundaram Shares How Learning to Sell as an Entrepreneur Led to Him Becoming the Chief Revenue Officer at High-Flying Snag
083: Sales Leader David Posner Shares Strategies for Selling Sensitive Senior Care Services
082: How Do You Get the Optimal Sales Mindset? Listen to Federal Cybersecurity Sales Executive Wayne Lewandowski and Find Out Now
081: RiskLens Sales Executive Jesse Sun Shares Three Secrets on How to Successfully Sell Cybersecurity Solutions
080: Kevin Reynolds Shares the Five Sales and Business Development Habits that Have Made Him One of the Country’s Leading Business Bankers
079: When it Comes to Managing Millennials in Sales, GoCanvas Sales Leader Tristan Cotter Says Like the Philadelphia 76ers You Need to Trust the Process
078: Red Hat Federal Software Chief Nathan Jones Opens Up About How Sales Professionals Can Get Deeper into their Markets
077: Education Technology Sales Leader Jack Dilanian Explains How Believing that What You Sell Really Matters is Critical to Your Success
076: Well-Respected Federal Media Expert Steve Vito Shares His Two Secrets to Sales Success
075: Professional Services Sales Leader Tim Atkinson Discloses His One Thing that Will Help You Become More Successful in Selling
074: Red Hat Public Sector Sales Exec Lynne Chamberlain Shares Lessons Learned as a Woman in Tech Sales Pioneer
073: Rick Simmons Applies the Skills that Took Him to the Bowie State Football Hall of Fame to the Top 1% of Sales Success
072: Veeam Software Federal Sales Leader Mike Miller Stresses How Taking an Athletic Approach to Your Sales Efforts Can Lead to Huge Success
071: NAIOP BD Leader Christopher Ware Says to Achieve Sales Success Banish from Your Mind that You are Bothering People
070: How Trade Show Sales Expert Ryan Brown Used Neuroscience and Analytics to Help His Team Prospect More Rigorously
069: Melissa Riley Knew Early On She Was Destined for Sales, Now She Leads Sales for Destination DC
068: Inside Sales Expert Ivan Gomez Says Committing to the Fundamentals Put Him on the Path to Fantastic Career Success
067: Ruthless Prioritization Helped Sales Leader Christian Woodward Grow Teams at Start-Ups and World-Class Tech Firms
066: Syncurity’s Tom Young Says Knowing as Much as Possible about Your Customers Can Lead to Sales Security
065: Sandy Lutton Sells Speaker Services But Says Effective Listening is the Key to Sales Success
064: VION Corporation President Jeff Henry Offers Sales Leaders Strategies on How to Stay Relevant as Your Market and Customers Transform
063: Sales Executive Jason Stookey Helps Tech Companies Partner with Law Firms, Legally Speaking
062: Link Labs Sales Leader Reed Fawell is Succeeding in Helping Companies Understand the Opportunities within the Internet of Things
061: Chris Tully Brings Lessons Learned at Xerox, Dell and CoStar to Emerging Firms Looking to Get their Sales Programs Going
060: Washington Nats Sales Leader Ryan Bringger Strives to Engage Clients Year Round with Membership Programs that Offer Experiences, Rewards and Access
059: PM Hotel Group Sales Leader Leticia Proctor Addresses How Data Makes Selling Her Hotels More Hospitable
058: Sales Performance Improvement Guru Tom Snyder Shares Strategies to Ensure Funnel Clarity
057: GRIT, Tenacity and Solid Planning Have Helped Dario Campolattaro Reach the Sales Summit for a Quarter Century
056: With Over 18 Years at the Same Company, Cision Sales Leader Chris Cutino Offers a
055: Learn How Digital Marketing Sales Expert Erik Requidan Sells Advertising on Over 1 Billion Web Pages Per Month
Wealth of Ideas on How to Continually Stay Ahead
054: MapD Federal Sales Head Monica McEwen Gets Analytical About Her Journey to Sales Leadership
053: Metropolitan Shuttle’s Ben Knowlton Tells How Losing a Sale at Marriott Got Him Hundreds of Sales at Marriott
052: Listen to the Tips Pure Storage Public Sector Leader Gary Newgaard Offers to Help You Excel at Sales
051: Digital Signage Sales Expert Mike Kilian Offers New Sales Pros Tips on How to Effectively Grow Their Career
050: Susan Lee Offers Strategies Women in Sales Should Take to Proactively Move Their Career Forward
049: Accelerent Sales Leader Michael Gordon Preaches Quality of Relationships Over Quantity of Connections
048: Salesforce Federal Sales Exec Joe Markwordt Urges Sales Pros to Have a Strong Plan Or Else You’ll Become Someone Else’s Plan
046: Genesys Sales Leader Josh Abich Helps the World’s Most Successful Brands Unleash Great Customer Experiences
045: Asurion Sales Leader Rob DiRocco Helps the World’s Leading Brands Support the Tech that Keeps You Connected
044: Vineeta Mooganur Applies Her Engineering Expertise to Help Her Sales Teams Multitask, Manage Their Business, and Grow
043: Cybersecurity Sales Leader Gigi Schumm Shares Life Lessons and Secrets to Her Success
042: Sales Leader Sean Ryan is on a Mission to Fuel the Quality of Education with World-Class Technologies
041: Alex Bartholomaus Helps People Stretch Their Revenue Growth with Significant Payoffs
040: Like the Rhinoceros He Admires, Hargrove Sales Leader Dan Cole Charges Down Opportunities with Great Success
039: Star Fundraiser Heidi Webb Sells the Opportunity for People Like You to Change the World
038: Outreach’s Pleasant Rich Applied These Skills Learned as an Educator into World-Class SaaS Sales Success
037: Professional Soccer Player Joe Alvarez Went from the Pitch to the Boardroom by Excelling at these Sales Skills
036: Government Contracting Business Development Leader Raza Latif Says Eliminating Fear of Chaos Will Lead to Sales Success
035: By Focusing on Ideas and Not Commodities, Scott Attman Has Led His Restaurant Supply Company to the Front of the Industry
034: How a Natural Sense of Curiosity Has Driven Neustar’s Sales Leader Dorean Kass to the Top
033: Women on Course’s Tina Fox Shows How Being Authentically Curious About Your Prospect’s Needs Will Increase Your Sales
032: Grow Your Sales with Lessons Learned on the Gridiron from Rapid Advance’s Mark Cerminaro
031: John Carter Applies Storytelling Lessons He Learned from Making Films into His Sales Processes
030: Joy Newton Grubb Strives to Anticipate Her Customers’ Office System Needs to Better Help Solve Their Problems
029: Brian Beveridge Leverages His Analytical and Engineering Acumen to Achieve Strategic Sales Success
028: ON24’s Sam McKenna Says Showing Me You Know Me and Being the Urgent Bird Will Propel Your Sales Career
027: Monumental’s Patrick Duffy Is a Wizard at Helping Companies Maximize Their Sports Marketing Investment
026: PennWell’s Paul Andrews Says Becoming Your Industry’s Go-To-Expert is Critical for Sales Success
025: Henry Sienkiewicz, Observations from a Highly-Successful CIO Now Rocking it as a CRO
024: Alex Treadway Helped Tucker Carlson Sell Daily Caller Ads Without Even a WebSite to Show Prospects!
023: Mike Garrison Shares Three Critical Insights on Predictive Referral-Based Sales
022: Gary Milwit Became a Sales Coaching Superstar by Doing What He Said He Was Going to Do
021: Sales Enablement Leader Jen Burns Shares Why Understanding the Buyer Journey is Critical to Your Success
020: Kimpton Sales Executive Telesa Via Reveals What Leads to Exceptional Success
019: Cvent Sales Leader Darrell Gehrt Learned that Simplifying the Message Would Lead Him to Major Sales Gains
018: Ben Mathew of CARTO Says Sales Success is All About Attitude, Aptitude, and Execution
017: Paul McConville Urges Preparation, Work Ethic and Data Usage to Excel in Sales
016: Learn Mind Changing Sales Strategies from Howard Glancy, the British Answer to Tony Robbins
015: Mike Schmidtmann Helps Seven-Figure Sales Superstars Achieve Even More Success
014: Cintas Sales Star Tory Clark Relates Lessons Learned on the College Basketball Court to Sales Success
013: Payroll Network’s Joe Young Says to Treat Your Sales Career Entrepreneurially for Optimal Success
012: Learn How Sales Leader Sarah Lash Grew the Tableau DC Regional Office into a Top 10 Place to Work
011: WTOP’s Jeffrey Wolinsky Discusses Why Presentation is Much More Important in Sales than Documentation
010: Close Deals Faster Author John Asher Highlights the 6 Closing Principles and other Critical Sales Lessons
009: NVIDIA’s Anthony Robbins Gives Insights into Digital Transformation and the Sales Profession
008: Kevin Carr of Nexus Discusses How to Become a Hugely Successful Sales Professional
007: TrackMaven’s Tim Koubek Tells Sales Leaders to Learn, Earn and Return
006: Dataprise’s Paul Keefe Talks about How to Treat Your Sales Career as a True Professional to Get Ahead
005: Heather Combs Talk Important of Mentoring, Passion, and Hard Work in Sales Achievement
004: Will Fuentes Talks about the 40/20 Rule and How it Will Make You a Better Sales Professional
003: PowertoFly’s Caroline Turner Speaks about How Women Can Achieve More in their Sales Career
002: LiveSafe Sales Leader Mark LaFleur Shares Insights into How to be Intellectually Honest in Sales
001: Learning Tree Sales Vice President Brian Green Kicks Off Sales Game Changers Podcast!