The World’s Top Sales Speakers Speak at the IES

Thought Leader Workshops and KeynotesThe IES is committed to bringing sales thought leaders to sales leaders. Over 25,500 selling professionals have attended IES programs around the world. Our home base is Northern Virginia, right outside of DC.

Attendees include sales leaders, high-performing sales professionals, and business owners from world-class companies such as Oracle, Cvent, Learning Tree, NetApp, EMC, Discovery,, New York Life, ADP, NetApp, IBM, Avaya, Capital One, Microsoft, and Cisco as well as hundreds of other product, financial services, and media companies. Members also include service professionals who need to generate revenue, such as accountants, consultants, recruiters, and architects.

Below is the all-star list of past IES speakers.

2024: We’re going to rock again with hybrid programs based out of Washington DC broadcast around the globe. Check back here for more info!

2023: See 2022

2022: See 2021

2021: No in-person programs because, you know, the Pandemic.


Donald “The Sales Evangelist” Kelly, Booking More Sales Meetings in 2020 with Video, Social Outreach, and Power Prospecting
Matthew Pollard, Build Your Story Playbook: The Catalyst to Explosive Sales Growth
Tim Riesterer, The Expansion Sale. The Four Must-Win Conversations to Keep and Grow Customers
Alan Carroll, Powerful Communications and Public Speaking Excellence for Sales Professionals
Lance Tyson, Best Practices for Understanding and Addressing Objections
David Nour, Curve Benders for Sales Leaders: Insights on Developing the Strategic Relationships Most Impactful to Your Business
James Muir, Optimizing the Sales Discovery Process with Powerful Prospecting Questions (POSTPONED)
Meridith Elliott Powell, From Contact To Close: Follow-Up Strategies Guaranteed To Close More (POSTPONED)
Colleen Stanley, Emotional Intelligence For Sales Leadership Success: Time for a new perspective (POSTPONED)
Jamie Crosbie, Maximize Sales Success with Peak Performance Mindset
Tenth Annual Sales Excellence Award Event featuring Lifetime Achievement Award to Carahsoft CEO Craig Abod and Women in Sales Leadership to Oracle Sales Leader Tamara Greenspan. The event will also feature a tribute to sales legend Jay Nussbaum.
Bill Cates, Radical Relevance: Communicate More Compelling Value to Win New Business and Grow Your Sales
Andy Miller, Make 2021 Your Best Sales Year Ever: Strategies for Optimal Sales Mindset


Shawn Doyle, Power Goal Setting for Top Tier Sales Professionals: How to Make 2019 Your Best Year Ever
Charlie Green, Trust-Based Selling: Using Customer Focus and Collaboration to Become a True Trusted Advisor
Brynne Tillman, Optimizing LinkedIN for Sales: Shifting from Know, Like and Trust to Attract, Teach and Engage
Sam Richter, EVERY Sales YES Begins With a KNOW: Web Search Secrets to Help You Find the Right Prospects, at the Right Time, with the Right Message
Lee Salz, Sales Differentiation: Your Secret to Winning More Deals at the Prices You Want
Ninth Annual Sales Excellence Award Event featuring Lifetime Achievement Award to SAP N2 CEO Mark Testoni and Women in Sales Leadership to Gigi Schumm
Allison Shapira, Powerful Client-Centered Communications that Will Grow Your Sales
Kim Dean, Modern Consultative Selling Skills: Strategies for Growing New Customer Acquisition
Nhat Pham, Digital Relationship Economics Leveraging Your Single Biggest Asset to Driver Performance, Execution, and Results
Dana Hamerschlag, High Tech meets Low Tech in Sales – How Artificial Intelligence and the Simple Checklist Will Accelerate the Path to More Revenue Attainment
GuruGanesha, Mastering Your Inner Game: Developing the Mindset of Top-Tier Sales Professionals
John Asher, Using Neuroscience to Grow Your Accounts
Umar Hameed, Making 2020 Your Best Sales Year Ever: Creating a Compelling Vision for Unlimited Success


John Asher, Accelerate Your Sales Using Proven Principles of Neuroscience (The Six Old Brain Stimuli)
Ronan Keane, Social Selling Strategies You Need to Implement Now to Reach Your 2018 Goals
Morgan Ingram, Become the IronMan or IronWoman of Sales: Utilizing AI and Technology for Optimal Sales Prospecting Effectiveness
Amy Hardin, Eliminating Stalls and Objections Through High Impact Sales Questions
Alan Stein. Skyrocket Your Sales Performance by Implementing the Rituals and Routines of World Class Performers
Shelley Row, Go with Your Gut: Insightful Decision-Making Strategies for Sales Professionals in an Over-Thinking World
Andy Paul, Winning is a Habit: The Values, Habits and Character of Winners in Sales
Tom SnyderExtreme Sales Qualification: How to Move from First Contact to Solid Sales Opportunity
Tibor Shanto, Proactive Prospecting: Taking an Unwanted Interruption into a Powerful Sales Conversation
The Sell-Out Show with Dianna Geairn and Shawn Karol Sandy, Chief Revenue Officer of The Selling Agency, Become Impossible to IgnoreLeverage Personality as your Irresistible Selling Advantage
Jane Gentry, Leveraging the One Question that Will Change Every Sales Conversation to a Sales Conversion
Mike Schmidtmann, How to Be More Persuasive in Sales: Using Principles of Influence to Get Results


Arnold Sanow: Get Along Better with Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere: Build Instant Rapport, Relationships and Connect with Prospects Quicker
Mark Jankowski: Negotiation Mastery: Closing Sales Deals Faster and at Higher Margins
Todd Cohen: Building a Sales Culture
Sam Horn and Andrew Horn: POP! Your Sales
Rob Jolles, The Fix: Addressing The Six Biggest Mistakes In Sales
Alex Goldfayn: The Revenue Growth Habit: How to Grow Your Sales by 15% in 15 Minutes Per Day
Kendra Lee: What to Do When You Hate Cold Calling
Brynne Tillman: An Expert’s Overview of How to Truly Optimize How You Use LinkedIn, sponsored by ProResource
Brent Adamson: Challenger Sale Update, The End of Customer Empowerment
David Hoffeld: The Science of Selling:  Science-Backed Strategies That Will Help You Sell More.
Steven Gaffney: How to Get Your Prospects to Tell You Everything You Need to Know
Dario Priolo and Tim Sullivan: The Effects of Digital Transformation on Sales Management, Strategy and Execution.


Umar Hameed: Five Steps to Building a More Powerful Sales Mindset in 2016
Nancy Bleeke: Conversations, Collaboration, and Communication: The 3C’s for Impressive Sales
Bill Cates: Win More Business with an Authentic Value Proposition™
Neil Rackham: Five Megatrends that Have Redefined Selling
Kyla O’Connell: Develop Your Competitive Advantage as a High-Performing Sales Professional
Brent Adamson: The Challenger Customer: Selling to the Hidden Influencer Who Can Multiply Your Results\
Maribeth Kuzmeski: And the Clients Went Wild: Positioning Yourself to Dramatically Accelerate Sales
Lee Salz: Sales Differentiation: How to Set Yourself Apart in a Crowded Industry
The IES Women in Sales SELLING Edge 2016! Featuring keynotes by Kara DelVecchio and Misti Burmeister
Dr. Alan Gregerman: Innovation: The Real Key to Driving Greater Value for Customers and Prospects
Customer Acquisition Symposium 2016 featuring John Asher, Zeev Wexler, Allison Shapira, Marissa Levin, Tom Snyder, and Mark Hunter
Julie Hansen: Presentation Skills for Making a Quick Impact on Today’s Busy Prospects


Rob Jolles: Mastering the Art of Selling to Groups
Zemira Jones: Becoming a Sales Rock Star
Colleen Stanley: Emotional Intelligence in Sales
Andy Miller: Sales GRIT™ – The #1 predictor of Success in Salespeople!
Mark Hunter: Accelerate The Prospecting Process: How To Isolate The High Value Prospects
Ed Wallace: Making Your Investment in Relationship Marketing Pay Off
Tim Sullivan: Collaborative Sales
Mike Schmidtmann: Maximizing Your Sales Income
Charlie Green: Become a Trusted Advisor to Your Prospects
Colleen Francis: Prospecting Skills that Increase Your Productivity – and Profits
Kendra Lee: What to do When Your Prospecting Approach isn’t Working
John Asher: How to Turn your Company into a “Lean, Mean, Selling Machine”
The  First Annual IES Customer Acquisition Symposium featuring Mark Hunter, Jeb Blount, Anthony Iannarino, Mike Weinberg, Miles Austin, John Spence
Jan Fox: Improve Your Speakability and Grow Your Sales


Marcus Sheridan: How Selling Professionals Can Use Content Marketing to Blow Away the Competition
Steve Charles: The Three Most Important Things You Need to Know to Sell to the Federal Government Today
Lisa Earle McLeod: Selling with a Noble Purpose
Tom Snyder: Prospecting 201: Getting Deeper, Richer Engagements with Your Best Targets
Tim Riesterer: The Power of a Marker: Using Whiteboards to Create More Sales Opportunities
Bill Cates: Turning Referrals into High-Value Customers
Jill Konrath: Agile Selling
Jose Palimino: Value Proposition Selling
Steve Richard: Practical Prospecting: How to Reach Your Top Target in 10 Minutes or Less
Ian Altman: Same Side Selling: Avoiding the Adversarial Traps that Stall Deals and Encourage Pricing Pressure


Tom Snyder: The Five Essential Elements to Creating New Sales Opportunities
Steve Kraner: Negotiating with the Savvy Buyer
Tony Jimenez, Yuhannes Watts: Social Media and the Successful Selling Professional
Matt Dixon: Differentiating the Purchase Experience: Driving Growth by Challenging Customers
Steve Richard: 9 Things You Don’t Know About Prospecting (from Cold Calling or Marketing Leads)
Jeb Blount: People Love YOU: The Real Secret to Delivering Legendary Customer Experiences
Scott Messer: The Enterprise Sales Professional’s Bill of Rights
Michelle Vazzanna: Messaging for Sales Professionals
Jan Fox: Speak Better & Sell More


Ian Altman: Become Outrageously Successful Targeting and Winning Business
Neil Rackham: Seven Nasty Issues in Business-to-Business Selling
Ed Wallace: Business Relationships That Last
Andy Miller: Selling to Different Buyer Types to Win More Business
Todd Cohen: Everyone’s in Sales: Building a Sales Culture
Rob Jolles: The Art of Urgency
Dan Waldschmidt: Take Your Business to the Edge of Explosion
Umar Hameed: Winning Sales from the Inside Out
Dave Luvison: Seven Bad Habits of Highly Ineffective Strategic Alliances
Mike Schmidtmann: One Million Reasons to Attract and Hire Top Sales Talent