The Institute for Excellence in Sales (IES) offers a wide-range of programs for sales professionals including tightly-focused workshops, conferences, and peer-to-peer programs. We bring the world’s top sales thought leaders and sales leaders together to help sales teams grow.

The IES was founded to serve the selling professionals. All of our programs were created to help sales professionals worldwide crush their quotas.  IES is your trusted conduit to the best sales services, products, and content in the world.

Sales Workshops and Seminars

Thought Leader Workshops and Keynotes

The IES offers some of the top sales thought leaders and authors as speakers throughout the year.  Authors of some of the most seminal books in the history of selling, such as Neil Rackham (“SPIN Selling”), Jill Konrath (“Agile Selling”) and Matt Dixon/Brent Adamson (“Challenger Sale,” “Challenger Customer”), have spoken at our programs.

Attendees learn from subject matter experts through formal programs while networking with other senior-level colleagues in different organizations working on the same sales issues.

We regularly hold workshops at this time in the Washington DC region. Monthly sales excellence programs are held throughout the DC region.

Doors open at 7:15am for hot breakfast and networking. The speaker hits the stage at 8:15am. The presentations usually last two hours and are followed up by networking.

Being able to participate in such an exclusive program is special for sales leaders, sales managers, and high-performers looking to generate more revenue. The IES is also ideal for service professionals, such as accountants, lawyers, and consultants who need to generate revenue for their firm.

Women in Sales

Women in Sales

Our Women in Sales program is reserved for women in business-to-business sales and features programs, coaching, and mentoring programs for women in the sales profession. The program helps women at various stages of their careers learn from each other and support each other. Topics include career development, personal growth strategies, network building, and referral development.

The Women in Sales program features panel discussions, discussion and learning group programs featuring facilitated discussions led by successful sales professionals, as well as special interest sessions. It is open to women of all sales levels from chief revenue officers through those new to career in sales.

Learn more about the IES WiS program.

Sales Leadership Summit


The IES Sales Leader Summit is dedicated to the professional and personal development of executives that lead sales teams. The Summit brings sales leaders together to interact with other noncompetitive Sales Leaders and to learn from them. You’ll learn that your issues are not totally unique and, more importantly, you’ll have a group of people who will become your “sounding board” to evaluate your concepts, thoughts and ideas, prior to sharing them with your organization.

In the Summit, sales leaders discuss Best Practices, Sales Innovations and Management Techniques. They share information, examples, and knowledge in order to improve their leadership skills. They work together to solve sales problems such as compensation, management, motivation, and rep performance.

Summit provides a Sounding Board so leaders can bounce things off trusted advisers to see what they think of your ideas or problems. The power of tapping in to the creative ideas of others can help them develop and implement new ideas, strategies, and solutions.

The IES is pleased to team with leadership expert Jeff Patnaude and former Cisco worldwide partner leader Bruce Klein on this program. For more information, contact IES Executive Director Fred Diamond.

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