Hobson’s senior sales leader Paul McConville shares his insights into how to take your sales career up a notch. He discusses the value of a strong work ethic, preparation, and how to use data to make sales decisions. He also tells a great story of how he saved a huge deal with one of the world’s largest insurance companies.

Here’s an excerpt from the podcast:

What are two of the biggest challenges you face today as a sales leader?

Paul McConville: I’ll boil it to one – hiring retaining and training top talent. Really good salespeople have a whole lot of choices. When you find them and get them here they’re probably already getting calls from others so you need to get them up to speed quickly.

And then keeping them here is a challenge. People make the biggest difference in any business. Finding the right people that embrace the culture and embrace the way that you work makes the place better than it was.

Paul McConville is a leader in SaaS and analytics businesses. He is SVP of Sales and Account Management at Hobsons with global responsibility for the success of their 12,000+ K-12 and higher education clients. He was previously Chief Officer at Jornaya, a Comcast Ventures and Edison Partners backed consumer analytics business. He spent 10 years at TARGUSinfo and led sales and marketing prior to the acquisition by Neustar for $657MM. 

Listen to the Sales Game Changers Podcast Episode 17: Paul McConville Urges Preparation, Work Ethic and Data Usage to Excel in Sales and read the transcript.