Mike Kunkle, Transform Your Sales Results – Part 4, Sales Learning

Mike Kunkle, Transform Your Sales Results – Part 4, Sales Learning

This article was published online on Mike Kunkle’s Transforming Sales Results website. on March 134 2017. Kunkle helps companies improve sales performance through disciplined and focused execution of a systems approach to sales (sales selection, sales support, sales learning, and sales management systems), which includes talent management, sales process, sales methodology, and sales technology.

In this 5-part series of blogs, he speaks to how sales managers and sales professionals should be viewing and implementing the 4 sales systems. Here’s Part 4:

In Part 2 of the series, I detailed the Sales Selection System.

In Part 3 of the series, I shared the Sales Support System.  

In this Part 4 post, I will share the details of the Sales Learning System, which is a subset of the Sales Support System.

This isn’t the first time I’ve shared the Learning System, so there are many other resources you can access for details: I started work on this system back in 1991, originally referred to as the Effective Learning System. I first published it on LinkedIn Publisher back in 2014, in a post titled “Stop Wasting Money on Sales Training.” I’m not sure if it was the topic or the somewhat provocative title, but it’s the most-viewed of all my Publisher posts.

[This 2014 post may also be the most detailed post on the topic.]

As you can see in the featured image, the components of the system include:

  • The Right Content
  • Effective Instructional Design
  • Sales Manager Engagement
  • Purposeful Transfer Plans
  • Coaching Excellence
  • Measurement Plans
  • Performance Management
  • An Integrated, Aligned, Change Plan

The Right Content

The best training or learning system in the world can’t overcome poor content that won’t produce real-world results. When training is the right solution, it all starts here. Training pros will be very familiar with needs and gap analysis, and I strongly encourage Top Producer Analysis to find the differentiating practices between top sales producers and middle producers. Your content should be based on this, or if you use a purchased sales methodology, at least customized to reflect your replicable top-producer practices.

Read the continuation of this 5 part blog series here.

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