The IES announced that it is participating in a new sales executive leadership program with former Cisco Global Partner leader Bruce Klein and management consultant and executive coach Jeff Patnaude. The program is open to sales leaders at companies across the United States.

The program is the first of its kind in the US and features sales executive leadership sessions in a mountain top experience. The program will kick off on May 7 and run through January 2018. For more information, contact IES Executive Director Fred Diamond.

“Transformational Sales Leadership provides a profound understanding of how you are perceived as a sales leader in the context of your organization and what difference you are making,” said IES Executive Director Fred Diamond. “Through a dynamic mix of brief lectures, peer discussions, 360-degree feedback, one-on-one coaching, and self-assessment tools, sales leaders will learn concrete ways to improve your leadership abilities and transform your organization from the Inside/Out.”

Klein and Patnaude will lead sales leaders through a nine-week program at Patnaude’s mountain top learning center in Warrenton, Virginia. Here’s a summary of the weekly sessions.

Session One: Use your Brain(s) – The new neuroscience, brain function and how to stimulate genius and make the best decisions. Emotional Intelligence as the foundation for leadership effectiveness and success, utilizing congruence of the Three Brains

Session Two: Executive Presence, Improving Your Brand: The 7 C’s of Presence, The Art of Executive Presentation after Burning your Slides

Session Three: Extraordinary Communication: including Myers Briggs Type Inventory, Coaching Accord-ing to Type, Quality Listening

Session Four: Seeing Around Corners: Promoting Innovation, Disruption and Breakthrough Thinking about Your Career and Building your Networks

Session Five: Vision, Strategy, Execution (VSE) Creating your future NOW for your organization

Session Six: Developing Your Team: The Five Functions of a High Performing Team, Team Roles: 8 Essen-tial Roles that MUST be filled , Hiring Smart with the Judgment Index Tool

Session Seven: Work/Life Flow – It’s NOT about Time – Energy Management, Being Well and Doing Good for The Greater Good, Nimble Strategies for Successful Maneuvering

Session Eight: The 3M Process – Managing Millennial Machinations by incorporating the 5 Circles for Life Resiliency

Session Nine: Best Practices – Presenting Your Best – Each participant presents their most transforma-tional practice.

The Coaching Process

Between each monthly session, you will meet virtually in Triads for Peer Coaching on assignments from the morning training subject focus. In a second virtual session with your Executive
Coach, you can explore additional competency areas such as:

  • Recognizing and taking advantage of Industry Shifts to beat the competition and grow the business
  • Successful sales models to execute strategy and deliver results
  • Solution Selling – Providing more value to your customers
  • Building High Performance Teams
  • Partner Relationship Management – building direct and indirect go to market models
  • Preparing for and executing impactful C-Suite customer meetings

Coaching Bios:

Jeff Patnaude: Author of eleven books, teacher, speaker, composer, business leader and Executive Coach, Jeff Patnaude is a pioneer in the revolutionary, yet fundamental Inner Management principles
The Patnaude Group. For 25 years, The Patnaude Group Inc.’s work and professional dedication has centered on the most pressing issues facing our culture today: work/life balance, developing mentors, creating healthy work environments and teaching and coaching others toward developing transformational leadership qualities. Described as “the Leonard Bernstein of leadership development,” Patnaude has gained an international reputation for his ability to orchestrate environments for transformation.

Bruce Klein: Former SVP of Cisco Systems and now President of Klein Consulting Group, Klein is a wellrespected thought leader within the IT industry. With over 30 years of Sales and Sales Leadership experience, Klein is an expert in Go to Market Strategy, Sales Strategy, Sales Management, Building High performance Teams, Partner Management, Solution Selling, Leadership Development, and Executive Coaching. He has twice received the prestigious Federal Computer Week’s “Federal 100” award. He was named 2010 Executive of the year by Government Computer News and also received a lifetime achievement award from the Institute for Excellence in Sales. Klein and Patnaude together bring an enormous wealth of experience to broaden perspective, challenge the strongholds that may keep you back and provide new ideas to approach a strategic success.

The program will kick off on April 7 and run through December 1. For more information, contact IES Executive Director Fred Diamond.

Download the IES Summit Overview.