IES Executive Director Fred Diamond appeared on episode 29 of the Smart Sales Pro Podcast with Michael Mason. It’s a great interview with a lot of information and things to contemplate. Fred said that Michael was a pleasure to speak with and one of the most prepared interviewers he had worked with.

Key Takeaways from the Podcast:
  • The customer is in control more than ever before.
  • The customer within minutes can find information in minutes.
The great sales reps…
  • Have a passion for their customers
  • Understand what their customers are really trying to achieve
  • Understand their customers business and bring them solutions to the problems they face
Get up early, eliminate excuses, work around obstacles and be committed to getting better.
2 types of sales pros:
  • Those that continually improve
  • This that think they are good enough
Fred Diamond Sales Tips:
  • Always Be Learning
  • Get better
  • Work on your craft
  • Put science behind it
  • Be more energetic
  • Make your customer better
  • Build your referral network
Massive Action Tips
  1. Get a coach or mentor
  2. Get clear on how you want to position yourself in the marketplace
  3. Be a solution provider instead of a “hawker of things.
If you’re in sales, even if you work for the best company you still work for yourself. You’re the VP.
Instead of being just a sales guy, become “The Go to Person”.
To take yourself to the next level you need to understand the challenges the customer goes through every single day.