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How Do I Know The APQ Assessment Will Guarantee I Won’t Make The $150K Hiring Mistake?

All too often a sales manager will hire a candidate on shallow premises, such as a polished appearance and impressive resume. Many assume that if an applicant can sell themselves into a job, they surely can sell whatever widgets a company offers. This hit-or-miss approach usually fails, and the sad part is that it often carries a steep, hidden price tag.

We call this the $150,000 hiring mistake because this is the average cost of a poor sales hire when you factor in recruiting, onboarding, salary/draw, office expense, and turned-away business.

The solution to avoid making this mistake is to hire the best-suited candidate for each position, but identifying these has been a bear until now. Thanks to the APQ (Advanced Personality Questionnaire), avoiding this mistake is all but guaranteed.

The APQ provides insight unavailable anywhere else

The APQ was built specifically for the sales profession. The laser-focused results are unlike other tests, such as IQ or the DISC assessment, because the others only test for general intelligence and behavior – not sales-specific traits.

This makes the APQ suitable for answering one very important question: “Is this candidate likely to bring in more business and drive bottom-line revenue?”

No other test can deliver that kind of certainty.

APQ acts like a virtual coaching partner

What good is a sales coach if he or she isn’t identifying the right skills to work on for each individual?

The APQ provides critical feedback and recommendations for each trait to help sales coaches and managers improve specific weaknesses in their people. It’s like having an expert partner by your side who guides you in how to improve performance for each individual salesperson.

As each salesperson improves, they are more likely to stay on the team – and you not only enjoy their productivity, but you also avoid the hassle and expense of having to onboard another person to replace them.

The APQ has been proven accurate time and time again

The APQ is the latest iteration of what used to be called the Craft Personality Questionnaire – a tool in use since the 1970s.

The APQ is a brief, 81-question personality / motivation assessment that measures personality traits that predict the highest levels of performance. These personality traits combine to measure aptitude for various sales positions along with over a dozen secondary sales traits such as “Prospecting Motivation” and “Confidence to Close the Sale.” The resulting APQ Coaching Report can then be used to select new

candidates and coach current team members to greater success.

Dozens of studies show that test results match job performance – in other words there is a scientific correlation between high scores for certain traits and high performance on the job.

This validation makes it legal to use the APQ under the EEOC laws.

$150,000 per bad hire is a cost most businesses cannot afford to absorb. Avoid the pain by investing in a nearly guaranteed tool to avoid hiring people with no talent for the sales profession – the APQ.

As the test can be taken from any computer with an internet connection, you can be up and running in just a few minutes.

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