Vienna, VA, March 17, 2016 – Today the Institute for Excellence in Sales (IES) launched a new Mentoring Program for Sales Professionals in the Mid-Atlantic region. The Mentor Program is a major feature of the newly renovated IES membership program. The IES announced that four new membership levels are available for sales professionals.

The four new membership levels range in annual pricing from $199 to $979 per year.  New member benefits include discounts for attendance at IES programs, richer access to the sales thought leaders and speakers, and more business development activities.

A complete chart of member levels and associated benefits can be found on the IES Membership page.

One of the most anticipated new member benefits is the Mentor Program.  IES members will be paired with a certified Mentor who will conduct up to six one-on-one sessions with the member over a six month period.

Topics mentors may offer advice on will range from sales tactical execution, networking and referral building, and sales process development.

Fred Diamond, IES Executive Director said, “This new initiative will provide significant value to our members no matter their level of expertise or how long they’ve been in sales. The IES has become the “place to be” for those looking to improve their careers as selling professionals. The Mentor Program will play a large role in helping them grow as sales professionals.”

Philip Martin, IES Member Services Chairperson, said mentoring has been around for thousands of years and that there are countless stories about how individuals have learned from their mentors who shared wisdom and experience.

He said, “The value of being guided and supported by a Mentor remains as important as ever.  This certainly holds true for individuals in the sales profession.”

According to Martin, IES mentors have been hand-selected and had to complete a rigorous application process. Part of the attraction to becoming a mentor for those members who have been in the sales profession for several years is the opportunity to impart their experience, share their “battle scars” and “war stories,” and to provide guidance, wisdom, support, and direction to others.

If you would like to be considered to become an IES Mentor, please contact Philip Martin at or by phone at (571) 291-3110.

• Twitter: @IESBD

Press Contact:
Fred Diamond, IES Executive Director