IES Executive Director enjoyed appearing on Sean Piket’s Sales Integrity Podcast #54 “Achieving Sales Excellence.” Fred sais it was one of the best interviews he ever participated with Sean asking a wide range of questions that spanned the entire professional selling process.

Here’s the description of the podcast on the Sales Integrity site:

Fred Diamond is the Co-founder and Executive Director of the Institute for Excellence in Sales (IES). Fred created the IES to recognize corporate and organizational sales and business development operational excellence, and promote best practices and thought leadership. With the growth of the IES, Fred has also been causing waves in the sales world as well. Well-known as a marketing consultant to companies such as Microsoft, Oracle and others, Fred has led the IES to become a leading source of sales excellence, content development, and premiere sales training solutions. Through the IES Fred works with such well-known sales thought leaders as Neil Rackham, Jill Konrath, Jeb Blount, Kendra Lee, Mark Hunter, Colleen Stanley and many others. During this interview Fred shares the “elusive critical factor for sales success”, discusses “cold calling vs. social selling”, and addresses many other hot topics in the world of sales. If you want to learn from one of the world’s leading sales influencers spearheading the movement of sales excellence then you will want to listen to this interview!

Access the podcast here.