The Institute for Excellence in Sales (IES) announced the winners for its Sixth Annual Sales Excellence Awards at the Marriott Fairview Park in Falls Church, VA at a massive breakfast gala this morning. The IES Awards event is the number one recognition program of the year for sales leaders and their teams, recognizing organizations that have demonstrated outstanding success in Sales Innovation; Sales Training; Sales Management; Customer Partnering; and Strategic Alliances.

“We received over 60 nominations this year from companies all across the country,” said Fred Diamond, executive director for the Institute for Excellence in Sales. “It’s amazing to be able to show how companies are continuously modifying and improving their sales processes to be more responsive to the needs of the market and their customer’s changing approach to buying.”

The previously announced 6th IES Lifetime Achievement Award was also presented to immixGroup leaders Art Richer, Steve Charles and Jeff Copeland. They were recognized for their IT sales expertise, business professionalism and knowledge of the government acquisition process that allowed them to transform immixGroup. Learning Tree International Sales VP Brian Green received the inaugural IES Member of the Year award for his service to the selling profession and support of the IES.

The awards are designed to promote and advance corporate and organizational sales excellence. By recognizing the organizations that have exhibited leadership and strategic vision in sales, the awards continue to foster innovation among organizations.

The 2016 category awards winners include:

  • DLT Solutions, Sales Innovation
    • With the help of Triblio, WDG and Eloqua, DLT developed account-based content microsites for its customers to help them optimize their technology investments while deepening their customer relationships.
  • Stone Street Capital, Sales Training
    • Stone Street Capital has spent thousands of hours developing baseline online training for sales skills and techniques. By the time an entry-level rep has completed the course they will have had at least 80 live coaching sessions and have made some 48,000 outbound calls.
  • Proxios, Sales Management
    • Proxios enacted a huge shift from transaction-based sales operations to a process-driven, consultative approach. This huge shift has resulted in a team that is cohesive, focused, and committed, with a pipeline that is generating annual growth rates in excess of 30%.
  • Iron Bow Technologies, Customer Partnering
    • Iron Bow’s TED, “Telehealth Education Delivered,” helped sales reps educate healthcare clinicians across the U.S. on the benefits of telehealth, while debunking myths that these technologies are impersonal, cumbersome and hard to use for patient care.
  • Everfi, Strategic Alliances
    • The NHL & NHLPA Future Goals™ Program, powered by Everfi, is an unprecedented partnership between a professional sports league and a players’ association, and represents one of the largest digital learning initiative supported through public-private partnership to be deployed in the United States or Canada.

Diamond said that nominations were stellar once again and represented organizations that were truly demonstrating excellence in growing, developing, and implementing smart, sound and creative sales strategies. One such example was Proxios, an IT service provider based in Richmond, VA, who received the Excellence in Sales Management award.

“Proxios enacted a huge shift from transaction-based sales operations to a process-driven, consultative approach over the past 12 months,” said Michael Euripides, Vice President of Business Strategy and Development for Proxios. “This huge shift has resulted in a sales team that is cohesive, focused, and committed, with a pipeline that is generating exceptional annual growth rates and a greater valuation of our company because of our ability to generate consistent new business. This is huge! Our awareness of alternate models was a direct result of attending IES events, and we’re very excited that the IES has recognized our achievement.”

A portion of the proceeds from this year’s event benefited the Northern Virginia Family Service. Tom Snyder of Vorsight BP served as the keynote speaker.

About the Institute for Excellence in Sales (IES)

The Institute for Excellence in Sales (IES) was created to grow excellence throughout the sales operational process to help selling professionals and their organizations maximize their efforts. The IES brings the world’s top thought leaders and sales leaders together to help them grow their sales teams and operations. The IES is a trusted partner for sales training, speakers, content, coaching, services, and programs.