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2206, 2017

Jill Konrath, Does Your Day Look Like This?

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This article was published online on Jill Konrath’s website. on June 20, 2017. The author, Jill Konrath, was a speaker at the IES.

Jill Konrath has written some of the most […]

205, 2017

Mike Weinberg’s Classic Article on #SocialSelling-Only and Inbound-Only Prospecting is Dead Charlatans

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This blog post originally appeared on Mike Weinberg’s Insider Insights on May 1, 2017. Mike was a past IES speaker. IES executive director Fred Diamond called it the Jerry Maguire […]

2903, 2017

Do Sales Mentors Really Make a Difference? At First, I Was Skeptical. But I Was Wrong.

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By Fred Diamond, IES Executive Director

The IES mentor program has been one of those experiments that surprised me, because our members – those new to the sales profession and those […]

1703, 2017

IES Executive Director Interviewed on The Sales Evangelist Podcast

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IES Executive Director Fred Diamond was interviewed on The Sales Evangelist podcast by Donald Kelly. Fred said it was one of the best interviews he had ever participated in. The […]

1402, 2017

Help! My salespeople can’t write!

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This article originally appeared on the BizJournals web site. It was written by past IES speaker Lee Salz.

I recently received a phone call from a frustrated executive: “Lee, I just […]

1202, 2017

Change Your Daily Selling Habits. Become a Micro-Marketer

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This blog originally appeared on the Sales Performance International web site here.

Dario Priolo, Chief Marketing Officer at IES Gold Sponsor Sales Performance International, published an interesting article where he states […]