May 18, 2020 – Vienna, Va. -As Re-Opening happens across the globe, top sales professionals are now Moving Forward and looking for solutions for their customers at an unprecedented pace.

As a continuing service to sales professionals around the globe, the Institute for Excellence in Sales (IES) asks past guests of its award-winning Sales Game Changers Podcast for tips each week.

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This week, May 20, we feature sales leaders Gary Milwit and Bob Greene.

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Kevin Carr, Sales Vice President, Hospitality Cloud, Cvent:

Embrace Zoom, MS Teams. and other video and collaboration tools.  When speaking with your clients turn your camera on, and don’t worry about a barking dog or crying baby etc.  This humanizes and connects you with your client, who are also struggling in the COVID-19 world.

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Amy Layne, Account Executive, FranConnect:

My tip would be to continue to set goals for yourself. Although as a sales rep your quota, the velocity at which you are selling, and your day to day life has changed, your need for that winning feeling probably has not. Therefore, I recommend to set adjusted goals for yourself that align with your new day to day. Giving yourself a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

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Lee Salz, Principal, Sales Architects:

The solution is us, sales professionals. We are the remedy and our employers need us to sell their way out of this. That means we don’t have the luxury of burying our heads in the sand and waiting for this all to be over, we need to do something now. We really don’t have a choice. We need to take key actions now. Some salespeople are afraid to reach out to prospects and clients now but sales is not to be feared but rather revered.  If your heart is in the right place, you’ll never be wrong which means you should have no fear of making calls to prospects and clients right now.”

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Vince Burruano, Vice President Sales, JK Moving:

As many begin to return to the office, consider mailing a key prospect a handwritten note wishing them well, and requesting an appointment once they’ve settled back in to the office.  While mail is less used, it is more powerful today, because it stands out (as compared to an email) and you will differentiate yourself from the pack.

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Dan Cole, Vice President Sales, The International Spy Museum:

If you feel your empathy to your customers is getting stale I would say take a day or a week off because nothing’s changed in sales. Empathy should always be a part of what we do whether we’re in a pandemic or not. It is what is going to allow us to move our business forward.”

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Alan Stein, Jr., Speaker:

Every single one of us is somewhere on that spectrum but equally important, every one of your clients and every one of your customers is somewhere on that spectrum and you can’t make the assumption that they’re in the same place that you are. You may be brimming with optimism and they may be highly anxious and uncertain and it’s very important deep in your connection with them that you be chameleon like enough to meet them where they are and not force them to come where you are.

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