May 11, 2020 – Vienna, Va. -As a continuing service to sales professionals around the globe, the Institute for Excellence in Sales (IES) asks past guests of its award-winning Sales Game Changers Podcast for tips each week.

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This week, May 13, we feature sales leaders Dan Cole and Steve Richard.

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Gary Milwit, Executive Director, Learning & Organizational Development, The J.G. Wentworth Company:

The three questions that build rapport are to ask How? Why? And Can you tell me more about that? Ask any combination of these three questions six or more times early in the call and rapport turns to trust. The greatest differentiator between a Salesperson and Sales professional is trust.

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Patrick Devlin, Chief BD Officer, Meridian Knowledge Systems:

Somebody said we’re all on the same boat but I’m a sailor and I’ll say that we’re not in the same boat, we’re in the same storm. The situation on anybody else’s boat might be very different than yours so try to really tune into that. You have some customers that are flourishing and you have some that you think might be but they’re not. The economic impact is not equal and you need to understand that.

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Tim Atkinson, Group Vice President, ACS Group:

We are in the most unique position to be able to “Plan” our Selling efforts, no more ‘ad hoc’ selling.  Take the time to thoroughly map out the balance of the Quarter and the second half of the year; Craft messaging for campaigns and stage the campaigns for the balance of the year, Build Hot Lists and fill your calendars with tasks, calls, activities to advance your relationships and ultimately your Selling efforts.  There will never be a better time than NOW, to Plan for Success.

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Vince Burruano, Vice President Sales, Commercial Division, JK Moving:

Now is the time to contact your target prospects and see how you can be a resource for them.  Take some time to think strategically about what value you can offer.  Perhaps their current provider isn’t engaged or offering ideas that will really help them in the current situation.  Now is your time to shine.

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Paul Borror, State and Local Accounts, Flexera:

Make sure your message/value/reason for contacting is 15 to 20 seconds in length.  That is an easy intro sentence on the phone or 2 short lines in an email.

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Samantha McKenna, Founder, #samsales Consulting:

Active listening isn’t nodding + “mmm mmhmm”ing (FYI, if I do that to you, I’m absolutely not listening and likely thinking about cheese or what I’m eating next…), it’s listening and asking a follow up question that relates to what the person gave you as an answer to your first question. It’s telling a story that relates to the answer the person gave and asking another question that leads you and the other person down a path.

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