It’s the most common word that’s been uttered over all of the 4 weekly sales #webcasts the Institute for Excellence in Sales has been hosting for sales leaders around the globe.

We discussed it deeply on this week’s #SalesGameChangersPodcast webcast with #SalesLeaders Christine Barger and Ivy Savoy-Smith

Christine said: “The biggest thing I’ve learned is an increased appreciation for being empathetic and really trying to understand where people are in their journey in life and how that impacts how they show up and what they can actually produce at work.”

Ivy said: “A lot of what we’re dealing with starts with a conversation. The issues that are going on in the country and how we deal with them personally and as a business in society and again start with a conversation. When you understand people a little bit more, it takes a lot of that off the table of how we make decisions or not.”

How has empathy showed up in your professional and personal life the past few months?