Call your past three managers and ask for advice on how you can improve in your career.

That’s one of the brilliant tips suggested by sales leader Carrie-Anne Mosley (CAM) on the #SalesGameChangersPodcast LIVE #webcast.

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Nice shout out about Tim Riesterer’s latest book “The Expansion Sale,”

EPISODE 247: Carrie-Anne Mosley Gives Sales Professionals Suggestions on How to Turn Negative Energy into Positive Long-Term Opportunities

CAM says:

“One actionable thing sales professionals should take it is to reach back out to their last 3 managers to thank them. Check in and ask them for one bit of advice.

Ask them, “You know me, if I am working to improve myself, what do you think I should do?”

Since they’re not your managers anymore they’ll probably tell you what that area of opportunity is.

I’ve done that recently [laughs] it was quite insightful. I got a lot of good feedback.”