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Why You Should Invest in Sales Training Today!

  • Higher Productivity
  • Consistent Customer Experience
  • Better and Richer Margins
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There were sales training challenges we faced that were different than those I have experienced at previous places. “I sought out a solution from my network and the IES was mentioned frequently as an organization to reach out to for help in selecting the right sales training provider.”
Clara Conti, Source America’s Vice President of Sales

IES has assessed many sales training companies, large and small, to match sales organizations to the training partner that best meets their needs. Organizations engage the IES to help determine, present, manage and recommend optimal solutions to address their sales training requirements.

There are over 6,000 sales training providers. Sales leaders do not have the time to adequately assess which one best matches their challenges, culture and budget. They trust the IES to do that for them.

We have done in-depth assessments of many sales training providers.  Selecting a provider is often done using the wrong criteria and a less-than-optimal process.  Research says most sales training fails because the wrong provider was selected.

The most consistent complaint we hear from sales leaders is the difficulty in selecting the right sales training provider.  IES provides objective guidance as to which provider(s) would be the best match for an organization’s performance improvement goals.

Organizations typically focus on the wrong criteria when selecting a training provider. We’ve found that most training providers have no plan or process to convert the learning they provide into the habits and fluency that generate significant results, but they all claim to do so!

Too many sales training companies claim to be all things to all people. But we know the average training company has 2-3 true value-driving offerings, but they have dozens of offerings in their catalog!


IES Executive Director Fred Diamond says a major IES mission is to bring the optimum sales training solutions to sales organizations. Read more about how this mission came to be.

Why Sales Training Fails

  • They focus on the wrong things.
  • The learning isn’t translated into habit and fluency
  • Providers claim to be all things to all people
  • WHAT WE DISCOVERED: Most providers do 1-3 things well but claim to offer dozens!
  • Companies who need sales training but don’t have the bandwidth to properly vet the best providers
  • Companies who are looking for sales training solutions to quickly bring sales performance capabilities to market
  • Companies with sales challenges they don’t know how to solve
  • Anyone with these titles
    · Sales Vice Presidents
    · Learning and Development leaders
    · Training leaders
    · Sales directors and Managers

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