How the IES Helps You

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The Institute for Excellence in Sales (IES) serves the selling professional at all stages of their career, from entry through executive.

Sales Professionals

The IES benefits business-to-business sales professionals including executive, leadership, and those new-to-selling. They get exposure to the freshest ideas in selling from the world’s top thought leaders. They meet top-notch peers with whom to develop business. And they take their sales game to the next level by discussing, sharing, and implementing best practices in the ever-changing sales landscape.

Sales Leaders at Corporations

The IES is a great place for you to get access to the best content, speakers and thought leadership on sales available today. It’s a great place to send your junior sales team members to expose them to new sales training and thought while building a strong professional network. Senior sales professionals looking to build a trusted peer network outside of their own company thrive as members of the IES Sales Leadership Forum.

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