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International best-selling author Neil Rackham, author of the legendary SPIN Selling, led the October 2011 IES&BD program. It’s been said that B2B sales leaders and professionals should attend a Neil Rackham presentation at least once every five years and this program did not fail to meet its promise.

Neil spoke about seven difficult issues in the B2B sale that are troubling top sales executives today and that will be even more troubling in the future.  He looked at each of these issues from his unique perspective as one of the world’s leading sales researchers and authors.  Neil is best known as the author of the ground breaking classic, SPIN® Selling, a book accredited by many as the progenitor of consultative selling. Among his other books are ‘Major Account Sales Strategy’ and ‘Rethinking the Sales Force’, which are required reading at many leading business schools. All three books have been on the New York Times business best seller list and his works have been translated into 35 languages. His other books include ‘Managing Major Sales’ and ‘Getting Partnering Right’.

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