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Building Stronger, More Vital Sales Teams During Challenging Times with Organizational Communications Expert Steven Gaffney

n any crisis, there are 8 stages that people, teams and organizations go through but the best ones move from crisis reaction to crisis growth. One way to ensure this is to develop Consistently High Achieving Teams. These teams produce consistently high achieving performers.

Sales Transformation and Success Webcast as the World Re-Opens featuring Jennifer Fisher and Patrick Devlin

Somebody said we’re all on the same boat with this thing but I’m a sailor and I’ll say that we’re not in the same boat, we’re in the same storm. The situation on anybody else’s boat might be very different than yours so try to really tune into that. You have some customers that are flourishing and you have some that you think might be but they’re not. The economic impact is not equal and you really do need to understand that.

How Sales Leaders are Leading Teams and Customers Moving Forward with The Spy Museum’s Dan Cole and ExecVision’s Steve Richard

If you feel your empathy to your customers is getting stale I would say take a day or a week off because nothing’s changed in sales. Empathy should always be a part of what we do whether we’re in a pandemic or not. It is what is going to allow us to move our business forward.

What Salespeople Can (And Should) Do Right Now for Success Moving Forward with Lee Salz

The solution is us, sales professionals. We are the remedy and our employers need us to sell their way out of this. That means we don’t have the luxury of burying our heads in the sand and waiting for this all to be over, we need to do something now. We really don’t have a choice. We need to take key actions now. Some salespeople are afraid to reach out to prospects and clients now but sales is not to be feared but rather revered. If your heart is in the right place, you’ll never be wrong which means you should have no fear of making calls to prospects and clients right now.

Great Ideas for Leading Sales Teams and Customers Forward from Wentworth’s Gary Milwit and Sales Training Expert Bob Greene

What’s my advice for sales professionals today? First thing I would do is pick up the phone. When you’re having a conversation with your prospects, just pick up the phone and say, “I’m calling to see how you’re doing. I want to understand your business and what challenges you’re facing.” Once your prospect realizes that it’s not a sales call and that it’s a caring call that’s huge because now you have an opportunity to hone your phone skills and build rapport the same time.

An Hour with Champion Sales Leader Carrie-Anne Mosley

Call your past three managers and ask for advice on how you can improve in your career. That’s one of the brilliant tips suggested by sales leader Carrie-Anne Mosley (CAM) on the #SalesGameChangersPodcast LIVE #webcast.not a sales call and that it’s a caring call that’s huge because now you have an opportunity to hone your phone skills and build rapport the same time.