IES Brings Executable Ideas from Global Sales Leaders on How You Can Transform Your Sales During COVID-19 and Beyond

Apr. 20, 2020 – Vienna, Va. -Each week, the Institute for Excellence in Sales seeks guidance and advice from the sales leaders we interview for our award-winning Sales Game Changers Podcast.

Now that we’re in the 6th week of the pandemic, things are getting much clearer for sales professionals, though it’s not getting any easier.

What must you do TODAY if you’re in #Sales to survive and thrive, especially during the COVID-19?

Creativity is a critical characteristic of high-performing sales leaders.

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This week, April 24, we feature Veeam sales Leader Mike Durso and Saleforce sales leader Connor Marsden.

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Vince Burruano, Vice President Sales, Commercial Division, JK Moving:

Remember to have some fun.  For the past several weeks my sales team has had a weekly virtual happy hour – complete with a theme and drink of the day.  Great opportunity for us to take a break, share some laughs, and recharge the batteries.  I highly recommend it.

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John Asher, CEO, ASHER Strategies:

Keep your employees safe and productive. Let them know that their family comes first. Remember, you are not working from home – you are at home during a crisis trying to work! Get more insights from John here.

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Jennifer Fisher, Vice President, Higher Education, WorldStrides.

Schedule virtual coffee for 30 minutes with prospective clients to see how they are doing personally. And always have a resource to share with them such as a yoga website, or a comedy click. Your prospects will appreciate your thoughtfulness!

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Joe Alvarez, Managing Partner, National Office Systems:

People seem to be willing to talk to you so it’s about building and developing those relationships right now to make sure you have empathy with them and being ready so that when they’re ready to take care of business, you’re going to be there for them.

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