IES Brings Executable Ideas from Global Sales Leaders on How You Can Transform Your Sales During COVID-19 and Beyond

Apr. 13, 2020 – Vienna, Va. -Each week, the Institute for Excellence in Sales seeks guidance and advice from the sales leaders we interview for our award-winning Sales Game Changers Podcast.

Every Monday, we post tips and ideas from these sales leaders.

What must you do TODAY if you’re in #Sales to survive and thrive, especially during the COVID-19. Creativity is a critical characteristic of high-performing sales leaders.

What are things you should do TODAY to keep your process on track and moving forward.

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Connor Marsden, Senior Vice President, Enterprise Sales at Salesforce

The initial shock wave is past and our customers are starting to plan for a new normal.  How will you be part of that Conversation?  Start formulating your ideas, prioritize them, and partner with your Customer on how you can help jump start their business.

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Vince Burruano, Vice President Sales, Commercial Division, JK Moving:

Now is a great time to get strategic.  Researching and developing specific strategies to grow existing accounts, or penetrate new accounts often is overlooked when we are in the whirlwind of the typical day.  Now is the time to do that hard work so you will be better prepared when you get that person on the phone. 

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John Asher, CEO, ASHER Strategies:

In this environment , offering something free gets the best response. For instance, we’re offering a full scholarship for our online sales training classes to our prospects. We  have an online sales training seminar starting every week and every seminar to date has been oversubscribed. This gives the prospect a chance to have a team member evaluate the training to see how helpful it will be for the rest of their customer facing team.

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Jennifer Fisher, Vice President, Higher Education, WorldStrides.

Use storytelling to paint the picture of post coronavirus, not just with your clients/prospects, but with your sales team as well. Your team needs to see the whole story for when this ends – and it will end!

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Zeev Wexler, President, Wexler Consulting:

COVID-19 has changed the way we are using the internet and right now we need to create as much content as we can. People are now looking now more than ever. Also, schedule more video conferences as people are looking for connections. Check out this article for more insights.

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