Training & Consulting

Sales leaders across the country look to the IES for top-notch, highest quality sales training for their experienced, mid-level and new sales team members. Through a network of world-class service providers, ranging from the leading training companies in the world to top-notch independents trainers and consultants, the IES is your trusted source for whatever sales training needs you require. Typically, the sales training falls into two categories: Personal Development and Sales Process Improvement

Sales Professional Development

In the areas of sales personal professional development, the IES has teamed with the leading presentation, referral building, networking, and skills development trainers and facilitators in the sales industry to work with our members. Below is a sample of the curriculum we can provide you.

Applying Sales GRIT

Your ability to do whatever it takes—even suffer, struggle, sacrifice—to make sales happen is more important than ever! Learn how to apply Sales GRIT.

Emotional Intelligence and Sales

Discover how and why empathy creates an emotional connection with prospects and customers. Learn how soft skill development can make you more effective.

Networking Development

Developing strong social and business networks is critical in today’s environment. Let’s develop strategies for building the strongest network you can.

Neuroscience-Based Selling

Learn the art and neuroscience of sales. Learn how to connect and sell to the real buyer, using the ‘reptilian brain.’ Break though your barriers and get results.’

Noble Purpose in Selling

Salespeople who earnestly and factually understand how they make a difference to their customers, outsell salespeople who are primarily focused on sales targets and money.

Presentation Skills

You can’t sell if you can’t speak and you can’t persuade if you can’t present. You can’t motivate if you can’t communicate. Learn how at the IES.

Referral Building

Learn non-manipulative sales strategies to turn referral prospects into new clients and how to recognize and leverage Action Triggers to produce more referrals.

Relationship Development

Connect with your key contacts, by understanding their goals, passions and struggles, to transcend typical business interactions for more productive relationships.

Sales Process

Sales leaders look to the IES for strategies to help improve their sales process and to increase pipeline efficiency. The IES brings leading training providers to our members to help move deals quicker from left to right. Some of the categories sales leaders tap the IES to help them with include prospecting, collaborative selling, and sales conversation throughout the sales process through closing.

Accelerated Prospecting

The need to constantly find new opportunities and new reasons to speak with prospects is a top challenge. Learn techniques to becoming a more productive prospector.

Agile Selling

A seller’s ability to learn quickly is their only sustainable competitive advantage. Uncover strategies to rapidly acquire new knowledge and pick up new sales skills.

Collaborative Selling

Learn how to embrace new strategies for engaging with the market and new customers as they way they want to deal with you has changed.

Pivotal Sales Conversations

Pivotal conversations can help guide you through the customer interactions that will help you close complex sales more effectively than before.

Sales Culture Development

Increase sales results by creating and building a sales culture. Get everyone to realize it’s all about sales and how they can help achieve the company’s revenue goals.

Selling to Groups

Group selling is becoming more and more prevalent. When presentations to groups are conducted properly the potential sales results can be staggering..

Same-Side Selling

Understand what’s really going on in the buyer’s mind and how you can work from the same-side of the table. Knowing how to do this will significantly shorten sales cycle.

Visual Storytelling

Learn visual storytelling as a technique to help break though the status quo barrier and improve the effectiveness of your selling conversations.