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Tom Snyder

2021, 2022 Sales Speaker of the Year Finalist

Tom Snyder is an internationally recognized author, researcher, consultant and speaker on a wide range of sales excellence topics including driving more revenue, pipeline management and forecasting, prospecting and customer acquisition. For more than 20 years he has led research teams to answer two questions: what are the essential elements of great selling success, and how can you get sellers to employ these elements?  Tom is the author of two McGraw Hill best sellers, “Escaping the Price Driven Sale” (2007) and “Selling in a New Market Space” (2010). Tom spent 10 years with Huthwaite after which he founded Funnel Clarity, a sales and strategy training firm, where he serves as Managing Partner.  Funnel Clarity helps customers drive more revenue by improving sellers’ performance through training, coaching and consulting.  Tom is a frequent IES speaker on a wide-range of topics for business-to-business sales teams.

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