Steven Gaffney

The #1 problem at work, home, and around the world is not what people say, its what they DON’T say to each other.

No one knows this better than Keynote Speaker Steven Gaffney, who, for two decades, has been the leading expert on the subjects of honesty and communication, helping people understand the costs of withholding information both at work and home.

Mr. Gaffney’s inability to speak due to hearing impairments as a child forced him to learn the importance of effective communication at a very early age.

This problem stimulated Steven’s desire to help individuals transform the quality of their professional and personal lives through honest and transparent communication, and is what drove the foundation of Steven Gaffney Company.

Steven is the respected author of six books and publications including: “Just Be Honest” and “21 Rules for Delivering Difficult Messages”.

Steven is a Certified Speaking Professional™ and a highly respected member of the Million Dollar Speaking Group of the NSA.