Teresa Carlson

About Andrew Bailey

2020 Recipient

Andrew Bailey’s background has paved the way for his success as an Account Executive at SAP NS2. After college, he served in the US Marine Corps for 4 years. Andrew then went on to enroll in NS2 Serves and SAP Sales Academy programs. After graduating from the SAP Sales Academy, he landed at SAP National Security Services!

Andrew was recognized as 2018 AE of the Year as well as 2019 AE of the year. But it’s not just about the numbers: 1) Andrew is an advocate for the customer, always making certain his customers are successful and meet their goals, 2) he is a great team player by always making time to help/guide anyone within NS2 and 3) Andrew is a natural born leader.

He brings his experience as a Marine Corps Platoon leader to the professional arena, and he does it with HEART and soul! Andrew is approachable as well as focused. When Andrew speaks, everyone listens and customers/co-workers are motivated to collaborate with him.