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Women in Sales Leadership Forum

Exclusive Designations

Become a Premier Women in Sales Employer!

Attracting diverse talent is a huge present-day challenge for companies that need to show themselves as world-class employers.

The IES Premier Women in Sales Employer designation has become the de facto standard for recognizing companies that support the growth and career ascension of its women in sales.

Women sales professionals are looking for employers that understand their needs. Demonstrate that your company understands this by applying for the designation.

Don’t get shut out of getting the top talent because weren’t recognized. If your company has exceptional programs, policies, and procedures to support the women in sales in your company or strives for that level of employee commitment, apply now.

Companies that achieve the designation will be seen around the globe as a top destination for the top women in sales professionals. Job seekers will view the designation as a critical part of their selection process.

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