The Selling Edge  2016

October 6, 2016

Noon-5:30pm; Cocktail Reception 5:30pm (Doors open at 11am)

Gannett/USA Today Conference Center
7950 Jones Branch Drive
Tyson’s Corner, VA 22102


Women in Sales

The Selling Edge

What People Are Saying

In April the Institute for Excellence in Sales launched the Women in Sales program following several months of working with some exceptional female sales and business leaders to gain insight into what such a program should offer.

The mission of the WiS program is to provide a collaborative and motivational community of like-minded female sales professionals opportunities for career and professional development and growth through the exchange of advice, experience, education and mentorship.

Women in Sales has been so well received that we are moving ahead with our first conference in October. It is THE SELLING EDGE 2016!

On October 6, we’ll gather with phenomenal speakers and panels of recognized sales leaders and experts who will provide you with sales industry insights and trends, career advice and tips, and strategies for taking your sales skills to the next level of performance.

Come join us as we present the inaugural Women in Sales event, The Selling Edge 2016!

Keynote Speaker

Kara DelVecchio

Kara DelVecchio
Vice President, Sales

Wedding Wire

Pricing information

The program is open to anyone in sales! There are significant discounts for Women in Sales (WiS) members and IES corporate and individual members.

  • IES Women in Sales and IES Corporate Members: Only $99!
  • IES Individual Members: $149 (Early Bird Ends Midnight September 30)
  • General Public (The conference is open to anyone in Sales!):
    $249 (Early Bird Ends Midnight September 30);
    $349 (After September 30)
  • Reception Only: $39

Attending The Selling Edge

THE SELLING EDGE 2016 conference has been designed to offer women information specifically on sales so they can become more effective as a selling professional. And, importantly, one of the intents of this conference is to allow attendees to meet others in order to share experiences and establish what we hope will be the beginning of long-standing relationships.

Who will be at The Selling Edge 2016?

  • Sales Leaders and their Teams
  • Young Sales Professionals
  • Business Owners & Leaders Who Need to Grow Revenue
  • Entrepreneurs Who Need to Learn More About Sales
  • Business Leaders Looking to Grow their Networks

Why You Should Attend

THE SELLING EDGE 2016 is a half-day packed with content-rich presentations by recognized experts in sales but also in disciplines such as productivity, social media, messaging, leadership, health and wellness, etc.

THE SELLING EDGE 2016 not only offers this strong list of speakers and panelists as teachers and mentors, but also as highly accomplished individuals whom you can seek out for further conversations and business relationships.

Each session is designed to provide you with information to help you take your sales expertise to the next level and step toward the career you are working to establish. You will find experienced voices, strong opinions, and suggested ideas both on the stage and in the chairs next to you!

THE SELLING EDGE 2016 is, above all else, a cost-effective conference featuring top-notch participants and sales leaders all within easy reach since it is in Northern Virginia.

It is the place to be for your career growth and business development on October 6!

The Agenda

11:00 am – 11:55 am · Registration & Networking

12:00 pm – 1:00 pm · Luncheon, Keynote Speaker

1:15 pm – 2:30 pm · First Breakout Sessions

2:30 pm – 2:45 pm · Afternoon Break

2:45 pm – 4:00 pm · Second Breakout Sessions

4:15 pm – 5:15 pm · Sales Leader Panel Discussion

5:30 pm – 7:00 pm · Cocktail Reception

Breakout Session Tracks

Strategies for a Richer Professional Presence
Join professional presence experts Robin Finnell, BettyAnne Leesburg-Lange, and Elaine Gibson for tips to help you stand out as you engage prospects in a competive market place.

Productivity: Tools, Tips and Technology to Help You Align Your Business and Personal Life
IES WiS Program facilitators Sylvia Henderson, Doni O’Connor, and Jen Burns will discuss strategies and tools that will help attendees become more productive in our ridiculously fast-paced and ever changing workplace.

Prospecting: Getting to the C-Suite in Under Five Minute
Prospecting wunderkind Steve Richard will show you ways to get that elusive prospect on the phone so that you can take the business to the next stage. Few people understand how to get to your real prospects like Steve.

How to Develop Your Social Selling Strategy to Increase Your Book of Business
Few people know how to utilize social media to help you move your sales through the funnel as does Level-Up Solutions’ Tassey Russo. In this session, you’ll get insights into how the common social media tools will take your sales to where they need to get to.

Provoke Ability: How to skillfully leverage the talent on your team
Led by author Misti Burmeister, in this session expect to gain insight and tools necessary to provoke greatness; to be provoked, engaged, and inspired; to laugh while uncovering simple strategies for understanding & strengthening your results—team engagement, enthusiasm, collaboration, accountability, and bottom line growth.

Creating Your Ideal Sales Management Style

Smart, experienced, results-driven public sector sales experts Aileen Black and Gigi Schumm will help you uncover your personal sales management power.


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