The Clock is Ticking on The Most WIS Event of the Year!
Women in Sales Leadership Elevation Conference 2023

Who Should Attend

  • Women Sales Executives & Leaders

  • Male Allies

  • Employers

  • Business Development Folks

  • Sales Enablement

  • Marketing Mavens

  • Culture and People Officers/Managers

  • DEI&B Drivers

Join us on Wednesday, April 26 & Thursday April 27, 2023

Location: To be announced

Join Employers, Women in Sales Leaders and Their Allies From Top Companies – Agenda: To be announced soon

      A Day Dedicated to Supporting the Ambitions and Career Growth of Women in Sales!

      Conference Details
      More detailed information about speakers and topics to be announced

      Teresa Carlson

      Opening Keynote: What’s Next for Women in Sales and the Companies That Employ Them presented by Teresa Carlson, a true trailblazing woman sales leader. Over the last 20+ years Teresa has led massive sales organizations at Microsoft, AWS and most recently a, Splunk.  Now the Non-Executive Chair at KnightSwan, Teresa is going to share the valuable lessons she has learned along the way, the opportunities she sees ahead for women in sales and sales leadership, and employers elevate more women. 

      Katie Cook, Senior Director, Sales Strategy at Salesforce and WISL Forum Grad!

      Recently, I had the amazing opportunity to be a participant in the IES Women in Sales Leadership Forum led by the incomparable Gina Stracuzzi. This program not only focuses on developing leadership skills, but it provides ways to tackle unique issues facing women in sales everyday. The insight I gained from listening to amazing speakers like Tamara Greenspan, Gigi Schumm, Queirra Fenderson, PCC, Kyla O’Connell, and Anita Nielsen taught me so much about myself and how I lead others in the sales environment. I cannot recommend this program enough! HUGE thank you to Rob Stein for being an amazing ally to women in sales and advocating for Salesforce’s participation with this forum.


      Celebrating the Power of WISL!

      After two years of isolation, career doubts and sometimes derailment it is time to come back together and celebrate our strength, our resilience, and our absolute love of selling! April 26 & 27 will be days dedicated to getting our groove back, reconnecting with old friends and meeting new ones, and considering how we move forward in ways that work for us in the aftermath of the pandemic.  Don’t let these days happen without you!

      Join us for the celebration!

      Women in Sales Leadership Forum

      WISL Elevation Conference Speakers – To be announced

      Gina Stracuzzi

      Gina Stracuzzi, Conference Chairperson, CoFounder & Director, IES Women in Sales Leadership Forum

      Gina Stracuzzi is a leader in the Women in Sales movement. Gina’s career in sales started very early in life when she would “pitch” her parents on important issues like her version of how grandma’s vase ended up on the floor in a million pieces. She would routinely beat out her “competition” (aka as her six siblings) for best story-telling in a dramatic role. Throughout her 20+ years in sales and marketing in the U.S., Europe and emerging economies, Gina has continued to employ those same story-telling skills to help women entrepreneurs and small businesses, navigate the waters between strategic communication and business development to bring about smart growth. She is the host of the Tuesday at noon IES Women in Sales webinar.