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The Institute for Excellence in Sales (IES) serves the selling professional at all stages of their career, from entry through executive.

Sales Professionals

The IES benefits business-to-business sales professionals including executive, leadership, and those new-to-selling. They get exposure to the freshest ideas in selling from the world’s top thought leaders. They meet top-notch peers with whom to develop business. And they take their sales game to the next level by discussing, sharing, and implementing best practices in the ever-changing sales landscape.

Service Professionals

Service professionals who need to generate revenue for their firms, either as a partner or partner-track accountant, consultant, or contractor participate in IES programs to learn sales skills from the world’s top sales thought leaders. Although they are responsible for bringing in new business, they historically have not developed sales skills. The IES is where they get to learn and develop them.

Business Owners

Business owners may have been project leaders, analysts or managers prior to becoming owners. Now they sport the title “VP of Sales” and quickly want to learn as much as they can. They get that at the IES plus the opportunity to develop business with other business leaders in similar situations.

Sales Leaders at Corporations

The IES is a great place for you to get access to the best content, speakers and thought leadership on sales available today. It’s a great place to send your junior sales team members to expose them to new sales training and thought while building a strong professional network. Senior sales professionals looking to build a trusted peer network outside of their own company thrive as members of the IES Sales Leadership Forum.

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