Organization for Sales Professionals Recommends Sales Training Resources to help Companies Address Critical Sales Challenges

December 8, 2016 – Vienna, Va. – The Institute for Excellence in Sales (IES), a membership organization that provides services for sales departments around the world, announced a sales training provider referral service to help sales leaders identify ideal sales training resources. The program addresses the estimate that over $9 billion is spent on sales performance improvement every year but 92 percent of those initiatives fail to produce any measurable impact.

“A huge challenge we hear from the hundreds of sales leaders we meet with is the fear of selecting the wrong sales training provider and spending hundreds of thousands of dollars only to see no more success than before training began,” said IES Executive Director Fred Diamond. “Many of the problems were associated with simply picking the wrong provider.”

IES has conducted dozens of independent, in-depth evaluations of sales training providers to identify what the training companies excelled at, which parts of the sales process they knew best, and what was unique about their methodology. IES has found that most sales training companies excel at a few areas but present themselves possessing a wider range of expertise.

Many sales leaders have never hired a sales training firm. IES, as an independent, agnostic source, will help them make the right selection as they make a once-in-a-decade choice. IES will manage the training for them, if needed.

“There were sales training challenges we faced that were different than those I have experienced at previous places,” said Source America’s Vice President of Sales Clara Conti. “I sought out a solution from my network and the IES was mentioned frequently as an organization to reach out to for help in selecting the right sales training provider.”

Organizations seeking the optimal sales training solution should contact the IES at or fill in the Contact page here.

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About the Institute for Excellence in Sales

IES provides services to selling professionals at organizations large and small around the globe. It is an unbiased, agnostic, and trusted partner for the delivery of sales programs, speakers, training, services and products. IES also sponsors programs for Women, Millennials and Leaders in Sales. Contact the IES at or @IESBD.