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Katie Cook

Women in Sales:
Fresh Voices with Salesforce’s Katie Cook

Webinar, December 7

Katie Cook

Each month, IES Women in Sales Program Director Gina Stracuzzi brings on some of the highest-performing sales professionals in the IES Women in Sales Community to delve deep into the critical topics facing sales professionals today.

They’ll discuss challenges they’re tackling, opportunities they are discovering and how they are growing their teams.

This week’s guest is Salesforce’s Katie Cook.


Katie joined the U.S. Navy Blue Angels in 2014 as the first female pilot in the history of the famed demonstration squadron. She served as the Aviation Safety Officer followed by the Officer in Charge of the C-130, affectionately known as “Fat Albert”. While serving as a Blue Angel, Katie was able to provide logistical support as well as fly aerial demonstrations that showcased the pride and professionalism of the United States Navy and Marine Corps. During her time with the team, she was featured by several national-level media outlets including “Fox and Friends”, “CBS This Morning”, and “The Today Show”. In 2017, Katie reported for duty as the Airfield Operations Company Commander with Marine Wing Support Squadron 271 at Marine Corps Auxiliary Landing Field Bogue, North Carolina. In this billet, Katie and her fellow Marines provided scheduling, fuel, firefighting, and maintenance support for the only expeditionary airfield on the eastern seaboard.

During her time in the fleet, Katie has accumulated more than 1,400 flight hours, including 400 in combat. She has flown missions in Afghanistan, Bahrain, Canada, Djibouti, England, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Kuwait, South Sudan, Spain, and Uganda. Most notably, she assisted in the evacuation of the US Embassy in South Sudan in 2014. Her decorations include two Meritorious Service Medals, five Air Medals, the Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal and various personal and unit awards. In 2019, Katie transitioned to the Marine Corps Reserve and currently works as a Director of Sales Strategy for Global Public Sector at Salesforce.