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Jamie Crosbie

Best Practices for Optimal Performance in the New Year

Webinar, December 1

Jamie Crosbie

Every Tuesday at noon EST, IES Women in Sales Program Director Gina Stracuzzi brings on a world-class sales thought leader to help you grow your sales career.

Her guest this week, Jamie Crosbie, has devoted her professional career to helping you design a framework for growing a peak performance mindset.

Jamie’s tips help sales professionals reach their quota, achieve their personal goals, enhance relationships, improve their focus, productivity, resilience, and grow overall well-being.

Her training is based on the latest research in positive psychology, leadership, and cognitive-behavioral and brain science as it relates to the architecture of a peak performing mindset and how it can be strengthened.

On this webinar, she’ll discuss the Benefits of a Peak Performance Mindset

• Strengthen the commitment to peak performance, including commitments to achieve quota, increased confidence, and the behavioral strengths and resilience needed to excel in challenging work situations.

• Create the ability to identify and overcome internal work performance blockers.

• Expand self-awareness, positivity, improve mindfulness and perseverance

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