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Jeanne Marie (JM) Wilke

Women in Sales: Another boring training?! with Scott Leese Consulting’s JM Wilke

Webinar, November 1

Women in Sales

The Sales Game Changers Podcast is excited to present another amazing Women in Sales leader.

On this show, we’ll discuss how young women who want to get into sales leadership can navigate their careers. This show will be of valuable for women leaders with families or aspiring to have families. Host Gina Stracuzzi and her guest will give you needed advice on how to stay true to yourself and build confidence.

Training can be a four letter word: not relevant, not impactful.
…but it doesn’t have to be. Learn how to pick better topics to train / focus on for yourself and your team as well as have a bigger impact with each one.

By attending, you’ll learn:
1. Know what to train yourself / team on
2. Make your messaging stick
3. Learn how to track the success

JM Wilke is the VP of Ops and Practitioner at Scott Leese Consulting. She’s held many roles from AE to sales manager, SDR manager, Director of Sales Ops, and now VP of Ops. From slangin’ ice cream in Sacramento as a child to optimizing her days as a working mother, JM covers a lot of ground to get things done.