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Lori Richardson

Women in Sales: The importance of hiring the right sellers for your sales team with Lori Richardson

Webinar, September 20

Women in Sales

The Sales Game Changers Podcast is excited to present another amazing Women in Sales leader.

On this show, we’ll discuss how young women who want to get into sales leadership can navigate their careers. This show will be of valuable for women leaders with families or aspiring to have families. Host Gina Stracuzzi and her guest will give you needed advice on how to stay true to yourself and build confidence.

By attending, you’ll learn:
1. The importance of hiring the right sellers for your sales team
2. The myth that you can train anyone to be successful in selling
3. The science and data behind competent sellers – and leaders


Lori founded Score More Sales in 2002 to help companies grow revenues through strategic sales efforts, using lessons learned from 20 years in B2B sales and leadership roles. Lori is one of the few women who INTENTIONALLY went into B2B sales to earn a “sky is the limit” living. Started at the bottom – in SDR and BDR roles, became a full-cycle rep and then into sales leadership over about 18 years. She was trained by Apple, IBM, and other top technology companies. Then she launched her own sales strategy firm to help sales teams succeed.