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Understanding and Employing Your Emotional Intelligence
During Tough Times with Kyla O’Connell

Location: Webinar
April 28


As part of IES’ Women in Sales program, Program Director Gina Stracuzzi is hosting webcasts for women sales professionals every Tuesday at noon EST.

On Tuesday, April 28, she’ll address Emotional Intelligence and how to use it powerfully as a sales professional during challenging times.

Studies at Harvard University show 67% of a person’s success in life depends on their level of Emotional Intelligence, or EQ.

Professionals who understand and can operate at all four levels of Emotional Intelligence will rise faster and to higher levels of success.

In this webcast, Gina and Kyla will address how to leverage the four levels of Emotional Intelligence in your everyday interactions, virtual and real, and understand the power of its effectiveness.

We’ll also discuss how to be more emotionally intelligent during this highly unusual time and how to put cognitive biases to work for you to build trust quickly and influence naturally, to help you as we regain normal business processes, however they may look.


Kyla O’Connell has been a formidable sales professional for almost 20 years. Starting as an outside sales rep, Kyla moved into sales leadership very early in her career. In 2003, after a successful sales and sales management career in golf, resorts and hospitality, Kyla founded a boutique consulting company, Driven Sales and Marketing.

In 2006, Kyla merged Driven with Asher Strategies, a sales and marketing consulting company based in Washington, D.C. Now VP of Sales and Marketing and a partner at Asher Strategies, Kyla has been training and coaching salespeople worldwide on how to use a repeatable sales process and how to increase their levels of emotional intelligence to quickly close new business for nearly a decade.

In addition to managing sales and marketing at Asher, Kyla is a senior sales training facilitator and coach. Kyla has worked with sales teams and departments for companies across the U.S. and in China, Belgium, Germany, Canada and Portugal helping them reach the highest levels of selling by putting their emotional intelligence to work to achieve their sales goals.