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Rock Your Enthusiasm: How to stay engaged, motivated,
and a little less grumpy during tough times with Melanie Spring

Location: Webinar
April 21


As part of IES’ Women in Sales program, Program Director Gina Stracuzzi is hosting webcasts for women sales professionals every Tuesday at noon EST.

Some of the webcasts will be conversations, some training sessions.

All are meant to help us navigate and stay engaged and engaging in this rapidly changing landscape.

We have a great one planned for Tuesday, April 21.

Melanie Spring packs an inspirational punch with her Approachable Badass-edness – to get your creative juices flowing.

She’ll give you the questions to ask yourself AND the tools to get you on your best calls.

Together, we’ll create a safe space for all of us to get motivated and excited about what the future has in store.


Melanie Spring is a brand storyteller, international keynote speaker, and speaker trainer with a drive to make sure you become unforgettable. Melanie is one of those people who can walk into a room and light it up. She’ll make you want to be her best friend, yet when she gets to know enough of your story, she’ll find the perfect way to push you outside of your box.

Her personal brand is Approachable Badass and when you meet her, you’ll know why it fits her so well. She even got out of her own box when she went on a 7,000-mile road trip collecting stories on how companies lived their brand. The Live Your Brand Tour was published in Entrepreneur Magazine, where she earned her title as a veteran brand strategist.