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Twigs Sevco and Rachel Macasieb

Women in Sales: Fresh Voices Today with Gina Stracuzzi

Webinar, April 6

Twigs Sevco and Rachel Macasieb

The first Tuesday of each month, at noon EST, IES Women in Sales Program Director Gina Stracuzzi brings on some of the highest-performing sales professionals in the IES Women in Sales Community to delve deep into the critical topics facing sales professionals today.

They’ll discuss challenges they’re tackling, opportunities they are discovering and how they are growing their teams.
It’s a fun, high-energy panel that will address a wide range of topics that are important to high-performing women in sales.

Learn more about the IES Women in Sales Leadership Forum at www.i4esbd.com/womeninsales.

This week’s guests are Twigs Sevco, JK Moving, and Rachel Macasieb, Manager on the Customer Success + Retention Team at Cvent.


Twigs has over 10 years of B2B sales experience, including two years with JK Moving Services. Before immersing herself in the world of corporate relocation Twigs led a team supporting public agencies including NASA and the U.S. Intelligence Community with information technology hardware, software, and staffing solutions. As Business Development Manager for JK Commercial Division, Twigs drives revenue, forges relationships, assembles collaborative teams, and oversees projects. Twigs approaches her work with an acute eye towards innovation, creatively overcoming challenges, and nurturing a collaborative environment.


Rachel is a Manager on the Customer Success + Retention Team at Cvent. As an emerging leader, she actively engages customers at-risk of cancellation, termination or non-renewal. Rachel leverages her talents in contract negotiations, product gap analysis, roadmap prioritization and project management to turn these customers into loyal advocates. Taking a radically candid approach to training and mentorship, she’s passed her knowledge down to more than 50 Account Managers and 12 Retention Reps, contributing to the success of others and expanding her financial impact on the company.