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Are you still presenting like its 1999? Most sales presentations today are stuck in a time warp. Boring company overviews. Long monologues. Forgettable messaging.  If you’re still using presentation techniques developed before the words “smart” and “phone” became a noun, you are at a distinct competitive disadvantage with today’s changing buyers.

Consider these trends:

  • Attention spans are half of what they were a decade ago.
  • Buyers are better informed than ever.
  • Competitive differences between products and services appear much smaller to prospects.

In order to stand out, be heard, and drive business with today’s busy decision-makers it’s critical that you address these trends, whether your presentations are formal or informal, virtual or in-person.

In this session you will learn how to:

  • Give your prospect an immediate and compelling reason to pay attention to your presentation
  • Structure your presentation around the new attention span
  • Leverage techniques from the Stage to impact your audience

Participants will have a chance to receive on-the-spot coaching from this world-renowned presentation expert, so come prepared with 1-2 minutes of presentation content! (slides not necessary)


Julie Hansen is a leading expert on what it takes to deliver a winning sales presentation or demo to today’s busy audiences.  She is the author of two sales books, Sales Presentations for Dummies and ACT Like a Sales Pro, How to Command the Business Stage using Proven Acting Techniques.

As the founder of Performance Sales and Training, Julie has coached thousands of salespeople all over the world.  Some of her clients include: Oracle, IBM, HP, Eli Lilly, Workday, Coldwell Banker and Cisco.

In addition to a successful career in sales, Julie also worked as a professional actor, appearing in over 50 plays, commercials and television shows, including HBO’s Sex & the City.  She brings many unique tactics and insights from the world of performance into her programs.