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Lance Tyson

Best Practices for Understanding and Addressing Sales Objections

May 8

Umar Hameed


Key Thing You Need to Know about This Program: This program will dig into our attitude about objections. Participants will gain a deeper understanding about the roots of objections. They’ll learn to determine whether the objection is a marketplace-driven objection or a self-inflicted wound.

Complexity Level: Medium-High

Immediate Implementation Opportunity: High. Leave with a complete set of tactics you can deploy immediately to get more meetings with prospects on your target list—the ones you need to get in front of.  And, hear and meet best-selling author of “Selling is An Away Game” – Lance Tyson!

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About the Program

There is a lot of confusion in sales about whether you address an objection, handle an objection, or resolve an objection. Ultimately, we want to bring a resolution to either move forward or not—this will lead to going back to another part of the sales process. One of the key determinations in finding this resolution is identifying the marketplace-driven objections, which are usually financial or value-based.

What can we do in our sales approach or sales system to address objections before they come up or take the edge off of them? Learn how to create an approach or use a sales process that addresses inherent sales objections, like disinterest, doubt, or preoccupation. Then, get the prospect to state the objection versus making an assumption.

You will learn how to apply the following:

  • Determine the buyer’s mindset pertaining to objections and negotiation
  • Lay out an objection strategy
  • Implement the right tactics with skill

About Lance Tyson

Over the past two decades, Lance Tyson has followed his passion for developing strong business leaders and their salespeople by tapping into his natural ability to connect with others and foster an environment for learning and coaching. As owner, president, and CEO of Tyson Group, Lance facilitates, trains, and conducts over one hundred workshops annually in areas such as performance management, leadership, sales, sales management, customer service, and team building.

In 2002, Lance took over several Dale Carnegie Training operations in the Midwest. He started with Cleveland, then moved on to Columbus, and eventually took over the Cincinnati and Indianapolis marketplaces. Under Lance’s leadership, these marketplaces experienced 230 percent growth to become the largest Dale Carnegie Training operation.

In 2010, Lance sold his interest in Dale Carnegie and formed PRSPX in Dublin, Ohio to help clients build effective sales ecosystems. PRSPX has since been restructured as Tyson Group in order to provide services to assess sales teams, diagnose their needs, and equip them to be better salespeople and leaders. Lance now focuses on the mission of Tyson Group: to coach, train, and consult with sales leaders and their teams to compete in a complex world.

Doors open at 7:15am for breakfast and networking. Note the location for this program: Marriott Fairview Park

Program Schedule:
7:15am-8:05: Continental Breakfast and Networking
8:05am-8:15am: Introductions
8:15am-10:00am: Lance hits the stage
10:00am-10:15am: Raffle and Photos with Lance

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Join Lance and over 125+ sales leaders as he shares with you and your team smart, effective and powerful strategies to blow past any objections that might be getting in the way of your sales success!

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