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Udi Ledergor

SALES GAME CHANGERS: Sales & Marketing Alignment Done Right with Gong’s Udi Ledergor

Webinar, December 1

Bradley Van Kleeck

The intersection between sales and marketing is more critical than ever. Companies navigate the economic downturn and focus their efforts on generating new business, minimizing churn/downgrades, and improving operating efficiency throughout their GTM motions. But without sales & marketing alignment, it’s not possible to become a hyper-growth company. Put simply: is sales and marketing are aligned, results will improve.

By attending, you’ll learn:
1. Why sales & marketing alignment is key to becoming a hyper-growth company.
2. How to align your sales and marketing team
3. How Udi navigated this challenge at Gong and created a well-oiled inbound and outbound marketing engine, which creates thousands of sales-qualified opportunities each quarter.

Udi Ledergor is a five-time Marketing leader at B2B start-ups and is currently the CMO at Gong, the Revenue Intelligence category leader helping go-to-market teams close more deals and accelerate growth by capturing, understanding and acting on their most important asset – customer interactions.

In his career as a marketing leader, Udi has prioritized staying close to the customer, placing their experiences and needs at the heart of the brands he has helped build. Udi believes customers don’t want to be “sold to” – they want to be seen, heard and understood, and that there is a human connection that comes from asking “How can I help you to be successful? How can I help you solve a problem?” With that focus, you can create an iconic brand that stands out by being human and approachable, drawing on authenticity that marries a distinctive, authoritative voice with a look and feel that stands out.